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If there is a problem with any of our Retrotouch products not listed in the general FAQ list, please contact us before returning any products.

  • What size back box does the Thermostat range need?
  • Due to the electronics within the light switch, a 47mm depth box is recommended.
  • Are the thermostats range touch controlled?
  • Yes all thermostats are touch controlled for easy touch and feel.
  • Is the thermostat Wireless?
  • No, the thermostats are hard wired versions but nicer looking than the standard ones.
  • Can the Thermostats work with common brands of boiler or under heating systems?
  • Yes, they use standard wiring so are compatible with most on the market.
  • I want to use thermostat with my boiler which version do I need?
  • You shall require the 5A version for water control.
  • What version do I need for underfloor heating?
  • For water underfloor heating a 5A version is required, for electric underfloor heating you require a 16A version. (comes with wired sensor probe).
  • What modes settings do the thermostats have?
  • The thermostats have 7 days on/off auto control, 6 heating periods per day. 4 working modes: Manual mode, Auto Mode, Energy saving mode & Holiday Mode.
  • What if I forget to set timer to come on when away in freezing conditions, will pipes freeze up?
  • The thermostat has Anti-Freeze protection set between 0-10 degrees, this will kick in automatically if nothing is set state OFF.
  • Will the Thermostat turn off automatically if temperature overheats?
  • This function needs an external temperature sensor. The range of overheat protection is 35-50 degrees. It shall not switch on until 5 degrees below preset value.
  • Can I lock the touch keys to prevent children touching setup keys?
  • Yes touch and hold down for 3 seconds the right side of LCD screen to lock touch panel. To unlock do the reverse.
  • How do I access the setup features of thermostat?
  • Touch and hold 3 seconds on the left side of LCD screen and the setup features will start flashing for you to preset to your needs.
  • Do I need to rewire my house to be able to use your thermostats?
  • No, all our thermostats use Live, neutral, earth input feeds with optional sensor input and load inputs.
  • Do the thermostats need an additional temperature controller?
  • The thermostats have room temperature built into unit, placement position on wall in main living area for best temperature setting. (When using underfloor heating please ensure the temperature probe as supplied with the thermostat is used, otherwise the reading shall produce errors and will not work).
  • Are the thermostats easy to locate at night, when pitch black?
  • Yes, all the thermostats lightly glow at night, so no more fumbling around and uses minimal power consumption <0.02W. They have 2 levels of brightness when off blue glow is dim, when On bright blue, they are bright enough to locate at night.li>


  • Not sure how to wire Thermostat?
  • All electrical wiring must be done by qualified electrician or similarly qualified person. Instructions enclosed within the box to fit the switch, Always employ a qualified person to avoid damage to the product and for your safety.
  • How long will the Touch panel last for?
  • The touch panel has been tested to last for well over 100,000 operations.li>
  • Does any of the RetroTouch range come with a warranty or guarantee?
  • The thermostats come with a 2 year warranty, from date of purchase, if there is a fault please contact us.
  • My thermostat is not working but within warranty, what happens now?
  • Please contact us before sending the product back for a returns number, we shall then test the product, and repair if faulty, if un-repairable a replacement shall be sent within 7 working days.
  • Can we use your thermostats be placed in the bathroom?
  • No thermostats are not permitted in the bathroom. Please place thermostat outside of the bathroom.

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