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6 February 2024
How does a smart light switch work?

They’re a great way to save time, effort, and electricity. But how does a smart light switch actually work? And what makes them so jaw-droppingly smart?

In this guide, we’ll explore the mechanics of smart light switches, and reveal why they’re an increasingly popular choice for homes and businesses around the UK.

22 May 2023
The Rise of Green in Modern Interior Spaces: Bringing Harmony and Tranquility Home

In recent times, the trend of incorporating green elements into interior spaces has skyrocketed. From artificial plants to wallpapers and picture frames, green interiors have become increasingly popular, creating a sense of harmony and tranquillity within our living spaces. Let's explore how the rise of green in modern interior design and complimenting Retrotouch light switches and sockets are transforming homes and why it has captivated the hearts of design enthusiasts. 

12 April 2023
“Crystal was the missing piece of the jigsaw for us” - how one Surrey couple realised their creative dreams with Retrotouch

When Richard and Irada purchased their first home together in September 2022, they knew the two bedroom flat was in need of a refresh. A new kitchen and bathroom were high on the agenda, and they weren’t afraid to let their creativity run wild with a bold new paint job. But to stitch these home improvements together, they knew they couldn’t skimp on the details. With the addition of Retrotouch’s switches and sockets, they got the modern look and feel they wanted, and the results are pretty striking. 

23 February 2023
Get The Home Of The Future, Today, With Our All-New KNX-ZF Switches

Home automation doesn’t get much smarter than this…Forget yelling at Alexa - our new wireless switches usher in a whole new era of sleek compatibility. Enabled to work seamlessly alongside your KNX-enabled devices, our latest models offer a simple way to make all your smart home gadgets perform in perfect harmony. Let’s explore how.

2 February 2023
Gangs & Ways - Lightswitch Terminology Explained

When buying a new light switch, one of the first hurdles many shoppers encounter is the confusing lexicon used. While some terms might seem pretty self-explanatory, others sound more at home on the mean streets of New York. In this article, we’ll help to explain the key terms used and cut through some of the jargon when it comes to lightswitch categorisation.

28 November 2022  |  Amit
Spruce Up The Home With These Practical Stocking Fillers

Christmas, as the adverts are all-too keen to remind us, is just around the corner. Whether that fills you with festive spirit, or scrooge-like misanthropy, it’s probably time to start thinking about what to buy your loved ones, or yourself.
Whatever stage of the present buying stage you're at, why not spend some time thinking about how your own home could benefit from the festivities?

26 October 2022
Darken Your Decor Just In Time For Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner - a time to celebrate dress up, carve up, and embrace the darker things in life. But some things are too good to be strictly seasonal. Like your home decor. If you’ve ever wondered why your interior ambience can’t be as atmospheric all-year-round, well we’ve got some good news - there are subtler ways to darken your decor, and we can help you achieve them.

19 October 2022
Three Reasons Why Smart Switches Are A Game Changer For Modern Households

Looking for the perfect upgrade to your light switches? If you haven’t encountered our smart switches yet, then you’ve been looking in the wrong place. Meet the switch of the future, available today. Why make manual adjustments to your home lighting, when you can do it via app?

19 October 2022
Achieve A Special Autumn Ambience With Retrotouch

Following another record-breaking summer of heat, many UK residents are greeting with relief the arrival of cooler temperatures. Autumn is just around the corner - a season of softer hues and cosy times spent indoors. So what better way to celebrate than by creating the perfect home ambience, courtesy of Retrotouch!

21 July 2022
Enjoy Effortless Control Over Your Blinds And Curtains With Our Smart Switches

 Valued customer, it’s time for another product reveal. We’re big believers in the power of home automation, as you probably know by now. This time, we’ve turned our attention to blinds and curtains. With our shiny new Smart Wi-Fi shutter switches, we’ve created a product that will make opening and closing your window fixtures a breeze!

21 July 2022
Achieve Your Minimalist Decor Ambitions With Retrotouch

Interior design aesthetics change a lot over the years. Within a decade, homes can begin to look outdated, requiring a comprehensive design overhaul. Yet one style that has stood the test of time, and will no doubt continue to do so, is minimalism.

21 July 2022
Set The Scene For Shoppers – 3 Gadgets To Transform Your Retail Space

For retail establishments, one of the keys to creating a satisfying shopping experience is achieving the right ambience. When consumers feel comfortable, they’re likely to browse for longer, and ultimately - make more purchases. From installing mood lighting to creating the perfect soundscape, there are many ways businesses can put shoppers at their ease. 

21 July 2022
Need a spare part? Find what you’re looking for with Retrotouch

You’ve combed the floor, checked under the sofa, and sifted through your toolbox at least 20 times, and it’s still not there. If you’re missing a part, and - after conducting a thorough investigation into its whereabouts - still can’t locate it, don’t worry - help is at hand!

17 June 2022
Kinetic Energy - The Key To Creating The Ultimate Wireless Light Switch Solution

For many, the concept of kinetic energy might ring a few bells. Depending on which physics lesson you were in, you might visualise it as someone running, a bullet fired, or a thrown ball. Essentially, it refers to energy expressed as motion, and - believe it or not - has super exciting applications in the light switch industry.

16 June 2022
Achieve The Perfect Summer Ambiance With This Smart Home Pairing

Fling open those windows. Cast away those jackets. Summer is in the air. Now is the perfect time to let the invigorating ambiance of summer lighten up your domestic surroundings. Long, balmy evenings are on their way, and with them - a whole new interior aesthetic to embrace.

13 May 2022
Need For Speed - Why USB-C Remains The King Of Chargers

In modern times, the only thing worse than running out of battery on your smartphone is having to wait around all day for it to recharge. Fortunately, just as our devices continue to become more advanced, so too does the technology we use to charge them.

13 May 2022
DIY Woes - Try Our Retrofitted Solutions!

There are two types of DIY projects: those you finish, and those that finish you. If you feel defeated by the scale, complexity, and expense of a home makeover, then don’t despair. An easier solution is out there! Introducing… the retrofit! At Retrotouch, we’ve made it as simple as possible to add new switches to your home.

13 May 2022
The Purrfect Products For A Pet-Friendly Household

If there’s one thing that’s helped get many of us through the lockdown years with optimism intact, it’s our pets. With a surge in working from home giving rise to a boom in pet ownership, there’s no doubt that our furry friends have helped to provide moments of solace, happiness, and amusement throughout that extra time spent indoors.

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