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Retrotouch develops and markets innovative lighting solutions and home automation products

The home-automation market is a growing industry. However, current solutions are geared towards new, high-end custom homes or full home renovations. What about the everyday homeowner who wants the utmost in modern sophistication, without breaking the bank? Welcome to Retrotouch! With a complete range of affordable touch and remote products, safety, convenience and comfort are available to any homeowner in the world; at prices any homeowner can afford.

Easy to Install and Beautiful to Look At

With the ability to be installed within minutes, Retrotouch products are ideal for those looking to customize their home and lifestyle. There’s no requirement for expensive and time-consuming rewiring or demolition, and thanks to the continuity of all Retrotouch products, you can start small and add over time - enabling you to stay within budget and on schedule. In addition to Retrotouch’s easy installation, these products truly are unique. With touch glass panels and surrounds, you have the option of controlling your light switches with a master remote control. Not only does this give you the power to control any light switch in your home, but you can also create ambiance and mood lighting wherever and whenever you wish. And the best part? There’s no need for bulky, expensive controllers and transmitters. All of Retrotouch’s light switches have the technology built right in! This not only keeps our products streamlined and stylish, but also keeps the price down while maintaining the functionality.

Something For Everyone

Retrotouch’s products are not solely for the computer savvy! With our wide range of products, we have something for everyone… young or old, technologically inclined or not. In fact, our products are ideal for those struggling with mobility, disabilities or other in-home safety concerns. The option is available to use either the advanced or simple features, providing full control of your home’s lighting.

Retrotouch - The Leader in Home Automation

As the demand for home automation continues to grow, Retrotouch will continue to be a leader in the lighting automation and light switch industry. By providing innovative products and solutions, we will deliver tomorrow’s lifestyle… today. Through continuous research, functional developments, new materials and fresh ideas, the Retrotouch brand stands for quality, high performance and durability in lighting solutions and home automation.

For Retrotouch founders Amit Ravat and Wesley Siu, it’s the little things that make a huge difference. Since the invention of the light bulb, switches and sockets have been treated as an afterthought in home decoration. But as the first thing we look for when we get in, and the last thing we use before we go to bed, having high quality yet affordable fittings is something that all home-owners deserve. .

Our Ethos 

Amit and Wesley’s paths crossed while working together at Dualit Limited in 2007, and the two quickly discovered their mutual interest in the fusion of design and technology. This meeting of minds culminated in the creation of Retrotouch, and a huge range of products that injected style and comfort into people’s lifestyles. The company set out to provide elegant, tactile and accessible fittings while utilising the latest smart technologies.

It can be difficult when renovating to find switches and sockets that meet your expectations. Amit found this when he moved house and found all switches and sockets on the market to miss the mark in terms of design quality and overall feel. With most people having to make do with flimsy plastic and unsightly metal switches, it fuelled a desire to create a range of products that provide a top of the range feel at an accessible price.

With Wesley specialising in the design aspects and Amit providing the marketing expertise, the two developed and expanded the Retrotouch catalogue to cover a huge range of switches and sockets. From a standard 2 gang socket all the way to cooker switches, Retrotouch provides a consistent quality for those looking to refurbish their interior.

Always with their fingers on the pulse of the latest technologies, Amit and Wesley are continually looking to introduce new innovations into their products. A great example is the refinement of the Simplicity range, which now includes a fingerprint resistant finish and interchangeable covers. The pair are also keen audiophiles, with sister company Lithe Audio established to provide a fantastic range of wireless ceiling speakers.

Always listening the needs of consumers, our products always aim to help people enjoy comfortable, carefree lifestyles. And with such elegant and timeless designs in our range,  let Retrotouch turn on the style in your home. 


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