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Sunday, 15 August 2010  |  Admin


Retrotouch (https://www.retrotouch.co.uk),the lighting solution company,is launching a range of innovative lightingproducts onto the UK market such as remote-control light switches that bringsophisticated but affordable home automation functions to any type of property,new or old.   Unlike manyother home automation products that are developed for installation primarily innew-builds, Retrotouch’s ‘Touch and Remote’ remote-control light switches canbe easily installed within minutes into existing homes without the need forexpensive electrical rewiring. This gives homeowners and DIY enthusiasts a new way to customise their propertieswithout the high costs normally associated with such technology.

Retrotouch’s high quality product range comprises Touch andRemote Light Switches, Rocker Light Switches and Plug Sockets/Accessories.  The unique design of the light switchescleverly combines the latest technology with stylish looks. Each unit featuresglass panels and surrounds, in a variety of appealing finishes and colours,with matching sockets for mains, TV and phone. The designs suit both modern andclassic interiors alike, and can be used with all major household lightingincluding spotlights, wall lamps, chandelier lights, and most importantly canbe used with low voltage, LED, energy-saving lightbulbs up to 800W per gang. 

The lighting range is ideal for anyone who wants an easy andaffordable way to update their home. By co-ordinating your light switches and plug sockets using modern,stylish Retrotouch designs, you can really make a difference to the way a roomlooks and feels. Retrotouch products provide superb performance and durability,and are designed with safety and convenience top-of-mind.  Each product comes with clearinstallation instructions and is backed by a 1 year guarantee.

RTS2020 Touch & Remote Light Switch 1 Gang BlackTheRetrotouch Touch and Remote product range for the UK market

RTS2020 Touch & Remote Light Switch 2 Gang WhiteThe Retrotouch RTS2020 Touch and Remote light switches can be touch orremote controlled, and come with a handy remote control unit that works throughwalls for seamless lighting control. They are a retrofit solution so useexisting wiring, and are quick and easy to install.  Each unit has a patented Microlite touch panel , and emit alow blue glow for easy night use. They come in 1 gang -3 gang options so that you can control from 1 tothree independent lights via one unit. The light switches can, if needed, be controlled by an optional masterremote control which gives the user the power to turn on/off any light switchin the home or set scenes – patterns of light – in different rooms, without the need for expensive controllersor senders.  All models in the Touchand Remote range measure 86mmx86mm, have a stylish glass surround with chrometrim, and come with a 1 year warranty. Retrotouch products give the user thepower to control their lighting the way they want, using the advanced featuresor the simple controls.  Pricesstart at £40.86 inc VAT for an RTS2020 1 gang unit.

RTS2040 Touch & Remote Light Switch 3 Gang BlueTheRetrotouch RTS2040 Touch and Remotelight switches offer similar features to the RTS2020 range but come in afull-glass finish, in a choice of colours: white, blue, pink. The range offers1-3 gang versions for use with up to three different lights.  These stylish, easy-to-clean switchesbring a unique look to any living or working environment.  Prices for this range start at £51.08inc VAT.


RTS2030 Dimmer Touch Light Switch 1 Gang WhiteThe Retrotouch RTS 2030 Touch and Remote Dimmer light switches combinestyle and state-of-the-art technology to bring the most advanced retrofitdimmer light switch on the market. Each dimmer comes with a remote control that works through walls up to20 meters away. The models incorporate a memory dimming feature which remembersthe last dimmer setting, a scene-setting function which once preset can beactivated at the touch of a button, and an auto dim up/down function to createa luxurious and sophisticated ambience in any room.  The units also include all the features found in the RTS2020 models, and come in a stylish glass and chrome finish.  Prices start at £56.19 inc VAT.

RTS2010 Touch Light Switch 3 Gang Black

Retrotouch TOUCHONLY and MECHANICAL light switches for the UK market

RTS2005 Mechanical Light Switch 3 gang WhiteTheRetrotouch RTS2010 Touch Light(touch only) switches complement the rest of the Retrotouch range, with glasspanels and chrome finishes.  Theycan be linked to 1-3 lights and bring a stylish finish to any room.  As with all of Retrotouch’s range, theunits are a retrofit solution for any kind of home or office environment.  By simply swapping an old light switchwith a Retrotouch touch light panel , you bring a sophisticated finish to anyroom.  Prices start at £37.75 incVAT.

The RetrotouchRTS2005 Mechanical Rocker Switches are a quick and easy way to update anyinterior.  The range complementsthe existing range of touch and Control switches, come in glass with chromefinishes, and are available in 1-gang to 4-gang options.  Prices start at £16.34 inc VAT.


Retrotouch Wall Sockets to complement the light switches

RTS2000 MIC/AUDIO Socket BlackRTS2000 13A Single Plug Socket BlackRetrotouch’swall socket range comprises plug sockets, hdmi sockets, TV, telephone andaudio/video sockets.  Each unit isdesigned to offer a simple way to update a home or business environment.  In black or white with chrome finishes,the sockets come in single or double unit options and are priced from £20.42inc VAT for a single plug unit.

The Retrotouch brand is part ofA&W Trading, all products are featured on https://www.retrotouch.co.uk.


Retrotouchwill be exhibiting at the Home Improvement Show, 1-3 October 2010, Earl’s CourtLondon, Stand # 129. 

For furtherinformation/high res images, please contact: Charlotte Priest or AmandaSlayton-Joslin at Honcho PR: charlotte@honchopr.com / amanda@honchopr.com  Tel: 07876 222327                 



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