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Winter is coming, look to your thermostats…

Thursday, 1 December 2016  |  Amit

As news organisations prognosticate a ‘cold snap’ for many parts of the UK this week, there will be a sharp increase in colleagues and family members bursting through doors complaining about the temperature outside. They will then no doubt make some further comment about the relative conditions indoors, followed by a glance or two over at the thermostat. Woe betide anyone accused of ‘fiddling’ with the controls. But for anyone denied the pleasure of entering a warm home or office, ‘just put a jumper on’ is a sentence that can only be treated with high quantities of cold, righteous anger.

It is self evident that over the course of winter, the thermostat is the focal point for human interaction. Where before it was tribesmen and women sitting around campfires telling stories, now we have family members hovering over these electronic devices debating what the equilibrium temperature should be. They are the makers and breakers of relationships, and when a true compromise is reached, it is as if two hearts have become one. Once we understand the important role thermostats have in our lives - both practically and symbolically - we realise the need to have one that ticks all the right boxes.

A smart home needs a smart thermostat, and if you’re unsure whether a particular device fits the bill, makes sure you consider the following points:

  • Old thermostats can be difficult to navigate, with confusing menus and unclear letters
  • Poorly designed models allow for dirt buildup, which can skew the temperature reading
  • The anticipator may be maladjusted or defective, leading to short-cycling (turning on and off repeatedly), and exceeding or never reaching the required temperature setting.
  • Older versions are higher maintenance, requiring more call-outs and causing unnecessary stress and hassle!

Like many other household gadgets, thermostat technology has been given a real functionality leg up with the help of digital technology. If your device is one of those drab white affairs with only a rotating piece of plastic to set the temperature, then you are missing out on some of the amazing new features present on more modern versions.

Retrotouch offers a range of thermostats for all your heating requirements. Whether it’s boiler or underfloor heating, we have you covered. Our sleek glass panels offer crystal clear LCD displays, with a wealth of features to choose from for any heating plan.

We know your heating requirements vary from day to day, and from season to season, so our easily programmable thermostat range is there to give you peace of mind. There’s no point keeping your home warm when you’re not in, just as there’s no point letting your colleagues or family freeze when the wonders of heating technology are at your disposal.  With six adjustable heating periods available seven days a week, your home can be both energy efficient AND comfortable to live in.

Our models are easy to use, fire resistant, and are will look fantastic in any home. Using the most cutting edge technology, they are also far less likely to give you grief at the time when you need them most. It is our belief that a modern house needs truly modern gadgets, so to avoid household conflicts, extortionate energy bills, and being left in a technological lurch, consider upgrading or installing one of our thermostats now!

Take a look at our range at https://www.retrotouch.co.uk/water-heating-thermostats.html




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