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What does your light switch say about you?

Wednesday, 23 November 2016  |  Amit

If you're one of those home-owners keen to have a say on every last detail of your fixtures and fittings, you'd recognise the desire to have sleek, aesthetically pleasing light switches throughout the house. As the first thing we look for when we enter our homes, the relationships we have with our light switches are much understudied, and reveal rather more about ourselves than we would think...

For a start, there's nothing more embarrassing than trying to use the loo at a party, then having to walk gingerly back towards the epicentre of conversation asking where the light switch is. No one wants to advertise themselves as a toilet user, nor would any host wish to inflict any unnecessary social awkwardness on their guests.

Or what about those elusive switches that require a half hour of futile grasping and fumbling in the dark before they can be located? They risk injury and - for those looking to make a good impression on a potential love interest - a clumsiness that cannot fail to be perceived as unattractive. As the great Paddy McGuiness repeatedly says, "no likey, no lighty".

There are countless examples of shoddy lighting set ups that would be enough to leave Thomas Edison rolling in his grave.

But if these consequences are too worrying to stomach, then don't worry - there's hope.

Whether you're after minimalism and clarity, or making a bold statement, Retrotouch offers a huge range of light switches that will ensure your home is the best it can be. We make switches that are functionally sound, aesthetically pleasing, and inviting to the touch.

If you want your home to look as shiny and modern as possible, then you won't fail to find an innovative switch that suits your home's sleek aesthetic. If you're quite a conservative when it comes to light switches and want a more traditional feel, then our 'simplicity' range will provide you with a minimalist yet elegant design. And if its colour you're after, then we have a range of different shades that will brighten up any home.

The days of being underwhelmed by those boring, plasticky, squeaky light switches are over. They can be vulnerable to dirty, mould, and damage, as well as becoming particularly unsightly if not looked after properly. However proud you may be about other areas of your home - maybe you have a whopping great TV, or dazzlingly high-tech kitchen appliances - skimping on your light switches can be enough to render your home pretty drab and unpleasant.

Our website offers a wide variety of light switch types. And you can be guaranteed that a quick browse through our selection will throw up nostalgic visions of memorable light switch experiences. Maybe it was that hotel you stayed in up north? Or a visit to a well-off neighbour? There is no satisfaction quite like feeling your finger mark the biblical transition from dark to light, so - as the nation's favourite religious festival draws near - why not look for an upgrade?



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