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USB sockets: a modern necessity to a first world problem

Thursday, 8 June 2017  |  Amit

Having nowhere to charge your phone is a uniquely modern dilemma. Whether you’re out in public or at home, seeing your charge sink into the red is pretty distressing. And if there’s no sockets available, that’s when the panic really begins to set in. After all, Losing the ability to Instagram your dinner is the 21st century equivalent of being blacklisted.

The problem isn’t just with phones: we’ve all witnessed with horror the death throes of our cameras, tablets, laptops, and Bluetooth speakers as they struggle against the scourge of finite battery life. Some give you the courtesy of announcing their departure, while others just go into an abrupt and unexpected oblivion. Sometimes they can momentarily revived, and you build up hope. But just like a hungover person attempting to rouse themselves from bed, they fall back into an energy depleted coma.



So what is the solution?

Well, just find a power socket and charge your phone. Retrotouch offers a huge range of stylish sockets that will look great in any home or workplace.

But if you want to go one step further, and eliminate the need to use an adaptor altogether, consider one of our USB sockets that are tailor made for your electronic devices.

There are many reasons to consider going for a dedicated USB socket, and we pride ourselves on ensuring the highest quality with our modern range.

Our USB sockets offer the following advantages:


  • No faffing around with extraneous pieces of equipment. Just one cable is needed to plug your electronic device into the wall
  • They provide awesome features specific to electronic devices, such as lighting up when your device is fully charged
  • They work great as a dedicated phone charging facility for cafes, pubs, and restaurants
  • They are aesthetically sleek with a glossy, modern finish

We offer a huge range of USB sockets, each of which come in a palette of different colours to suit your decor. And if you want the best of both worlds, we have a plug/usb combo socket which is essentially a Swiss army knife for all your electrical needs.

But If it’s a minimal aesthetic you’re after then consider our 5V Crystal PG Dual charger as a perfect way to provide beauty and efficiency to your home or business. These models are very popular and come complete with two usb chargers (one for you, one for your valentine), promise a very quick charge, and have an LED screen that will light up when your device is at 100% battery. And whether you’re an iPod or an Android user (or somewhere in between) they come in either white and black to match your device.

So If you’re fed up with harbouring a snake pit of cables and wires in your home, if you want a quick and easy way to provide convenience for your patrons, or if you just want to invest in the most modern and efficient way of charging your device, take a look at our range now!






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