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Save On Electricity Bills This Year With These Smart Power Solutions

Friday, 8 April 2022

Save on electricity bills this year with these smart power solutions

If the experts are to be believed, a cost of living crisis is on its way. In fact, it may already be here. Rising fuel prices, along with soaring household energy bills, are forcing many of us to rethink our consumer habits, before those expenses become even more eye-watering.

The fact is, improving household energy efficiency involves all aspects of our domestic life, not just the ones we hear about on the news. Take home lighting for instance - did you know that electricity can be saved, not just by using LED bulbs, but with the very switches we use to turn them on? At Retrotouch, we use smart technology to transform the way we interface with our domestic space, and to make the transition to energy efficiency as seamless as possible.

Here’s a few products to help illustrate this:

Retractive Switch:

Imagine having your rooms light up when you walk through them. Or what about switching on your lighting at 30% brightness when waking up in the middle of the night. All this is possible by using our lightswitch in conjunction with Fibaro.



Compatible with the latest home automation systems, these switches give you constant oversight of your home’s power setup, allowing users to monitor things such as energy usage, as well as set timers and remote scheduling. Having the visibility of when your lights are on and off will also give you a better sense of how much you’re using, enabling you to cut costs wherever you see waste.

Available in our stylish Crystal range, these switches are a great fit for any modern household aiming for maximum energy efficiency.

EnOcean Switch

The modules in these smart switches use EnOcean's technology which utilises the kinetic energy from motion as the energy source for a radio signal. Due to the nature of their operation, they are completely wireless, 100% battery-free and maintenance-free. The kinetic technology works by radio diagnostics and enables battery-free applications for EnOcean, Bluetooth and Zigbee.

By utilising miniaturized energy harvesters, as well as ultra-low-power wireless technology, these switches run without batteries, and without the need for any maintenance. Plus, with their simple and straightforward installation, you can do it all yourself, in minutes!



Complementing the sophisticated polish of our other switches and sockets, these innovative new models won’t look out of place among your collection, and will shine with a delightfully modern lustre throughout any home.

To find out more about these products, and the rest of the Retrotouch range, visit our website herehttps://www.retrotouch.co.uk/





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