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Retrofit: the art of teaching an old dog new tricks.

Thursday, 15 April 2021

If you’re one of many UK homeowners despairing over the many wholesale changes needed to bring your interior up to date, and the toll it could take on your wallet, then a ‘retrofit’ could prove the halfway house you need.

Put simply, a retrofit refers to the addition of new technology or features to older systems. Commercially, this is often done to improve efficiencies and cut costs. For home renovators, it can be done for a variety of reasons: to use less electricity, to incorporate new technologies, or to bring your interior design into the modern era.


Retrofits are:

  • Simple
  • Cost-effective
  • Built-to-last
  • Easily customisable


For the everyday family on an average budget, retrofitting offers an inexpensive way to make much-needed improvements to a home’s fixtures and fittings, without needing to strip away any existing wiring or circuitry. Retrotouch’s products offer pain-free installation to ensure that this can be done quickly and easily, and - if your DIY skills are sufficiently developed - without needing to call in an expert.


With an entire product range based on this principle of ease and cost-efficiency, a quick look through our catalogue will provide you with inspiration and motivation for your next home renovation project. From stylish light switches to sleek plug sockets, every homeowner deserves the chance to make pain-free adjustments to their domestic space. And, by harnessing the power of the retrofit, we’ve made this possible for everyone.

Don’t be misled by the ease and simplicity of installation. Indeed, all our switches and sockets are built to last. Our designers have made sure that each Retrotouch product is durable, and has the staying power to outlast many of the poorer quality fittings currently on the market. With high quality materials and elegant finishings, our products will shine throughout your interior.


With a diversity of products to suit any room, style, or function, it’s become easier than ever to get the look you’re aspiring for, without needing to call in a whole team of builders and decorators. Your retrofitted product is already built to fit in. That’s the beauty and simplicity of the retrofit, and the reason why we’ll always ensure our products follow this model. So stop despairing over your tired looking switches and sockets, and invest in a retrofit. You’re already halfway there.


To see our full product range, and to see what’s possible for you home, download one of our brochures now.



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