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Our hassle-free solution to going battery-free

Sunday, 16 May 2021

With sustainability at the hearts (and wallets) of many modern consumers, introducing waste-free efficiencies around the home is a key goal for companies and retailers. But sometimes, such products can be more pain than they’re worth. Whether installation issues at the outset, or maintenance problems further down the line, going green can quickly turn you a bright shade of red.


But reducing your carbon footprint doesn’t need to be this painful, nor involve too many compromises. Upon this principle, Retrotouch are proud to introduce a new addition to its line of smart switches and sockets - the energy-saving, kinetic-harvesting, hassle-free Enocean Smart Switch.


By utilising miniaturized energy harvesters, as well as ultra-low-power wireless technology, these switches run without batteries, and without the need for any maintenance. Plus, with their simple and straightforward installation, you can do it all yourself, in minutes!


How do they work?


The Retrotouch EnOcean switches don’t need batteries or a power cable and they are as durable and reliable as a traditional wired switch.


Thanks to EnOcean’s innovative harvesting technology, each press of the switch generates enough energy to send a radio signal to a relay for a totally wireless and robust control solution.


Available with EnOcean, Bluetooth, Zigbee or Friends of Hue protocol options there is a Retrotouch switch solution for both residential or commercial applications.


So what’s in the box?


Our switches come with the following items:


  • Back plate with module
  • Glass front plate in Black or White finish
  • 2 button & 1 button
  • 3M Wall sticky pad
  • 2 screws for back box fixing
  • Terminal connector block for retrofit applications
  • Instruction Manual


And what designs are available?


As with the rest of our range of switches and sockets, we’ve maintained a consistently sleek look to our faceplates. Currently, the Retrotouch EnOcean Smart Switches are available in:

  • White glass
  • White glass with Chrome Trim
  • Black Glass
  • Black Glass with Chrome Trim


While we hope to showcase this new product at a trade show close to you, you can take a look at our new switch in augmented reality, by visiting our product page at the link below:





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