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Get in the mood for Christmas this year with our dimmer light switches

Monday, 19 December 2016  |  Amit


For most people up and down the country, the festive season is a time best spent lazing around in a warm living room. Let's face it - your romantic hopes of a 'white christmas' are mainly to help justify spending an entire day indoors. And if your Christmas dinner isn't followed up with TV bingeing in front of a cosy fire, you're not doing it right.


Given the sedentary nature of the 'holiday season', the success or failure of your Christmas gathering is thoroughly dependent on how relaxing your lounge room is. If you're an artsy type and eschew traditional household interiors, then Santa may well decide to bypass your art deco chimney. But the warmth and cosiness of a beautifully lit home is enough to instil some of that Christmas magic in even the most resolutely Scrooge-like of skeptics.


Having the option of dimming the lights in your home is a major contributor to a cosily festive atmosphere.


But the benefits don't end there...


According to a study carried out by professor Alison Jing Xuhe at the University of Toronto Scarborough, dimmed lights help people to act more rationally, and make better decisions.


"Bright light intensifies the initial emotional reaction we have to different kinds of stimulus including products and people," she told Medical Xpress. (hyperlink: http://medicalxpress.com/news/2014-02-bright-emotional-reaction-stimulus.html)


So if you're worried about Uncle Derrick making a crass comment after his mulled wine drinking exploits, apprehensive that Billy's new hoverboard will be taken for an ill-advised maiden voyage around the dinner table, or just generally concerned about the potential for all guests to commingle in a civilised and harmonious manner, consider investing in one of our dimmer switches.


Retrotouch's dimmer switch collection ranges from conventional dimmers, suitable for dimming LED bulbs, to state-of-the-art remote controlled dimmer switches that will make your home both comfortable and elegant.


One of the most exciting features that will no doubt appeal to all the couch potatoes out there is the capability of many of our switches to be controlled manually. So if you take the Queen's speech very seriously and don't want to miss a single word or nuance of it, then experience the luxury of being able to control the mood of the room without even having to get up from your chair.


If on the other hand your problem is with finding the light switch in the dark (perhaps after turning the lights off for the optimum Home Alone 3 viewing experience) then you'll appreciate our LED compatible dimmers that emit a halo of blue light for easy discovery.


Our goal with all our household gadgets is improving the ease and reducing inefficiencies around the home. So if your perfect Christmas is a lazy Christmas, then let our smart technology do the work that you don't want to. That is our gift to you.


Check out our dimmer switch range now at https://www.retrotouch.co.uk/dimmer.html



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