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Come to the dark side with these stylish finishes

Wednesday, 30 September 2020  |  Amit

Interior design has experienced something of a makeover in recent years. While white walls and fixtures used to come as standard, ‘dark mode’ is becoming increasingly popular for those looking to inject a bit of style and warmth into their households. While many still favour the practical, light-giving benefits of white, others are seeing this aesthetic as bland, sterile, and unsophisticated. 

For those looking to step into the darkness, one issue persists - how to ensure all your fixtures and fittings match your chosen colour palette? Anyone shopping for new switches and sockets these days will be confronted with 50 shades of white. The truth is that many of these options don’t embrace modern trends of interior design. With ‘work from home’ culture on the rise, many of us are looking to inject a bit of character into our interiors, moving away from the drab corporate aesthetic that defined yesterday’s work spaces. 

Retrotouch are proud to offer a superb selection of switches and sockets bearing a sleek ebony finish. For inspiration, we’ve included some images of our Crystal rocker switch range, which have proved a huge hit for those looking to upgrade their decor. 

These rocker switches offer style and sophistication against any backdrop. Whether its wallpaper or a painted wall, the dark look provides excellent contrast, and appears as a striking, high-tech alternative to the garish plasticy alternatives offered by other providers. 

Further, the glow-in-the-dark pip at the top ensures you won’t be scrabbling for your switch in low light conditions. The overall result is a great looking switch that doesn’t trade practicality for style. With its shiny, screwless exterior, this switch will look great in any environment, and is very easy to maintain. 

These switches are available in 1,2,3, or 4 gangs, which - if you’re not familiar with lightswitch jargon - essentially refers to the number of buttons on each panel. And, as in true Retrotouch fashion, these plates are retrofits, and therefore very easy to install without needing to rejig your existing wiring. 

As always, we’re very keen to help you with your renovation project. Our experienced team have plenty of knowledge about how to fulfill our customers’ ambitions, and we have a huge range of options to suit any look. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch, even if it’s just for a design appraisal, we’re more than happy to help! Use one of the contact options here to get hold of us.

Explore the black range of socket and switches: https://www.retrotouch.co.uk/crystal-all-products.html



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