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The best of both worlds: why your home needs our USB combos

Monday, 26 March 2018  |  Amit

If you want to gain an intimate understanding of someone’s character, go look at their bedside table. What used to be a lamp and a good book has for many of us evolved into a jumbled assortment of gadgets and gizmos, all vying for supremacy. Often, there can be more computing power by your pillow than your entire office!

One rather overlooked consequence of this proliferation of gadgets is that many homes aren’t fully equipped to power them. Traditional plug sockets can be an annoyance, and whoever has experienced the discomfort of reaching down low by their bedside to plug in a charger - duvet falling off the bed in the process - can vouch for the fact that a solution is required. A solution that is as simple as it is refreshingly modern.


Here is that solution...

Our multi socket and dual USB models boast a superb rapid charge connection that will leave you with full power in no time at all. Plus, with an indicator that will let you know when you’re at full charge, you won’t be agonizingly waiting for your device to power up before an important appointment.

Our Crystal models come with a pristine screwless exterior to give a touch of class to any decor. And whether you’re after the sleek elegance of our black models or a cool white finish, we have the device to match up perfectly with your room.

The days of fighting over that USB adapter are over. Now friends, colleagues, and family members can live in peaceful coexistence with a plenteous supply of charging inputs. No questions asked, just plug in and power up.

These sockets are designed to complement the rest of our Crystal range, so if you’ve got other products in this style, there’s never been a better time to inject some further Crystal polish to your interior.

Designed to fit into your existing backbox, installation is fantastically easy. It won’t need an electronic genius to figure it out. Rather, our products are designed to make that top of the range look and feel affordable and accessible for the everyday user. So if you think that your decor could do with a bit more style as well as a bit more practicality for the modern age, then these switches are for you.

Retrotouch exists for the modern home owner who wants premium quality at a price everyone can afford. And with the introduction of our fantastic new USB sockets into our Crystal range, we have a truly 21st century power solution can now be enjoyed by all.





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