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Don't let the details drag your hotel down this holiday season

Thursday, 13 April 2017  |  Amit

Spring is in the air, and aspiring holidaymakers around the UK are sorting out the logistics for their getaway. Are breakfasts included in the deal? What is the distance from the airport? Will bulk Instagram uploads be impeded by interminable Wifi speeds? Yet one thing that perhaps isn't included on most people's lists concerns the quality of fittings on display.

Crummy light switches, decaying sockets, old fashioned technologies. All tend to rear their ugly heads on Tripadvisor forums. This family's wonderful holiday was jeopardised somewhat by the loose plug sockets that threatened electrocution from the side of their bed. That couple's wish for a sleep-in was ruined by constant harassment from the cleaning maids. A hotel can provide so much yet become let down by so little.

At Retrotouch, we recognise that it is often the little things that sometimes make the biggest difference. First impressions last, and as the first thing we look for when entering a hotel room, a light switch needs to stand for clarity as well as quality. And the same goes for all those hotel room fittings that demand both use value and aesthetic quality.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 18.07.42.png

Which is why we've come up with a whole product range to cater for hotels and accommodations looking to make the biggest impact on their customers. Our Boutique range combines great innovations with a superb appearance to ensure anyone who comes to stay will leave feeling like they've stayed at a truly modern establishment.

Our hotel room solutions include:

Key card power switch

Providing peace of mind for patrons and reducing energy costs for owners, our key card power switches are a fantastic innovation that are hugely popular in modern hotels.    

We provide stylish versions of these in a variety of different colours, which will look sleek in any hotel room.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 18.09.00.png

Boutique switches

There is nothing like the feeling of operating digital switches for removing any pining for home comforts.

Our Boutique range includes touch and remote dimmer switches, as well as standard lighting switches that will make each room look and feel truly modern.

switch SS-6.jpg

Hotel doorbell kit

Holidays can be ruined with sleepless nights, and if its guests aren't well rested, hotels aren't proving their purpose.


But a hotel that pays attention to the little annoyances that may compromise a person's full sleep quota stands to gain a lot among the fiercely critical Tripadvisor community. Which is why we've come up with our fantastic hotel doorbell kits for this very purpose.

Upon a simple button press, your 'do not disturb' command has the ability to disable the room's doorbell. An added bonus is the 'please wait' feature, which allows the occupier to signal to hotel staff while answering the door for room service.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 18.13.02.png

Retrotouch prides itself on coming up with solutions to your electrical problems. And our Boutique range is designed to give your hotel that edge over its competition. Using the newest and most exciting innovations, we have all the products needed to ensure your establishment does the little things right.

Explore the range full hotel range here




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