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Don't be April Fooled into buying poor quality fittings

Thursday, 30 March 2017  |  Becki

There is no substitute for quality, and as many of us online shoppers have experienced time and time again, sometimes if you buy cheap you end up buying twice. If it's not falling apart in your hands as you remove the device from its packaging it is dying a slow, flickering death.

The fact is, you never truly know how a product is going to operate on a long term basis until you've actually tried it. Switches and sockets are no exception.

At first glance the product may look presentable. Images of it online may look decent, and an abundance of superlatives that describe it may convince you that it will change every aspect of your life. But over time that shiny casing may become tarnished, its usability comprised, and it could become one of those things about your home that you're really not proud of.

The fact is, switches and sockets - though small - can often have a huge impact upon your home or business. A switch is the first thing you look for when entering the room, while unplugging your phone from its socket is often the last thing you do before leaving it.

So why opt for second best?

If you're tired of disappointment, of feeling like you're a victim of false convenience, then you will appreciate the fact that Retrotouch sets out to provide quality assured products that are built to last.

Whatever range you opt for: whether the clear minimalism of Simplicity or the premium elegance of Crystal, our products are made of high quality materials to ensure your fittings stand the test of time.

At Retrotouch, our service to you starts from the moment you purchase one of our products. We strive to ensure your continued satisfaction with our switches and sockets. And if something isn't working the way you want it to, our dedicated Support service are always on hand to make sure your purchase is always a successful one.


So how does Retrotouch ensure the high quality of its products?

  • Superb quality materials provide resistance to damage and degradation  
  • Screwless, easy to clean surfaces are very easy to maintain
  • Stylish aesthetics that work hand in hand with high quality functionality
  • Our products are CE and RoHS certified to European Standards, which means meeting a list of EU consumer safety, health, and environmental requirements.

Don't just take our word for it. The quality of Retrotouch's products has been recognised with an Editor's Choice award in Home Building & Renovation magazine, as well as receiving rave reviews at trade shows up and down the country.

So it is no wonder many of our customers repeatedly come back to us for their electronics needs. And with superb sockets that match up with every switch in our range, your entire home or business can be fitted out with faultless devices that provide the ultimate in ease and functionality.

If your establishment is worthy of high quality fixtures and fittings, consider Retrotouch as your go-to place for your electronics needs.




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