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Need tech support? We're here to help.

Thursday, 16 March 2017  |  Becki


"Have you tried turning it off and on again?"


If your experience of tech support can sometimes seem patronising and supercilious, then you'd probably recognise the laughable customer service portrayed in the IT Crowd. The fact is, technology is moving at a furious pace, and sometimes we can get left behind.

Just like learning any new skill, there are times when your new device or fitting can produce teething problems. Whether it's not getting it to start, trying to fix a fault, or you're moving house, there are often times when you need help.

This is when you need a support service that is both good at identifying what you need, and mindful about how that information is delivered. The truth is, most people who need help may not have a working knowledge of alternating currents or what a kilowatt is, so the chances are you'll appreciate an answer that is tailored towards you.

At Retrotouch, we know that sometimes technology may not work the way you want it to, or it could be difficult to understand or set up. Which is why we're keen on making our 'support' page as comprehensive as possible.

We've worked hard to make sure our support service includes:

  • A huge range of frequently asked questions to suit your specific Retrotouch product
  • A list of all the product manuals, so you'll never have to go turning out all your kitchen cupboards again!
  • A detailed returns page for any faulty items you may have been sent
  • Information about our delivery costs and estimated times
  • Spare parts. If a whole weekend of sofa rummaging still has not identified the whereabouts of your remote, you'll probably need a new one. If you've lost something, or need an extra part, it is more than likely we'll have what you want.

We take pride in the fact that our responsibility to you doesn't just end with your purchase. For us, it is just the beginning of our service to you and your home. Instead of just leaving you to figure it out for yourself, we are committed to ensuring your continued satisfaction with our products.

But it isn't just repairs and maintenance. Part of our service is making sure that our products work for you. So if it's customising your own thermostat settings, changing the behaviour of one of our in wall audio systems, or giving you information about how to ensure your purchase blends in well with your decor, we have you covered.



'We're happy to help' is no idle boast. We have a team working hard so that you don't have to, and are eager to make sure your product satisfaction remains at 100% throughout your experience. So if you're an existing owner of one of our products, or are considering purchasing, then make sure you're aware of our fantastic customer service.

Check out our 'support' page now, and please let us know if you think we're missing something.




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