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Avoid the winter blues with our unique thermostats

Saturday, 23 September 2017  |  Amit

Winter is coming, and if you're keen to avoid looking like a white walker, chances are you'll begin to start turning towards your central heating over the coming weeks and months.


You might live in one of those households where not everyone agrees about the right temperature to set the home. While some opt for a tropical vibe, others are far more conservative in their thermostat usage. This of course creates confusion, and causes rifts between family members.

Sometimes it is easy to make do with a cheap plasticy wheel, the kind where one slight adjustment sends your home into a different climate. But these can attract careless tampering, and are also pretty inefficient. And what's more, when viewed against recent trends in thermostat technology, that upgrade couldn't come sooner.

A great new thermostat solution!

Our fantastic designers have come up with an exciting array of thermostat switches that will make heating adjustments delightfully easy this winter. Whether it's boiler or underfloor heating, we have you covered. Our sleek glass panels offer crystal clear LCD displays, with a wealth of features to choose from for any heating plan.


We know your heating requirements vary from day to day, and from season to season, so our easily programmable thermostat range is there to give you peace of mind. There's no point keeping your home warm when you're not in, just as there's no point letting your colleagues or family freeze when the wonders of heating technology are at your disposal.  With six adjustable heating periods available seven days a week, your home can be both energy efficient AND comfortable to live in.

Our models are easy to use, fire resistant, and are will look fantastic in any home. Using the most cutting edge technology, they are also far less likely to give you grief at the time when you need them most. It is our belief that a modern house needs truly modern gadgets, so to avoid household conflicts, extortionate energy bills, and being left in a technological lurch, consider upgrading or installing one of our thermostats now.

Loaded with features!

Here is a cheat sheet for some of the amazing features that our thermostat range provides:

  • Back light glass touch-type buttons. LCD display room temperature, time, day, mode and running period convenient to operate clearly in any environment.

  • Blue Luminescent touch-type modern design, easily identified at night.

  • Four modes: Manuel Mode, Auto Mode, Energy Saving Mode, Holiday Mode.

  • Auto/holiday mode 7 days 24 hours on/off control, 6 heat-supply periods of time control per day.

  • Each heat supply time period cam control one temperature accordingly

  • Start up optimizing control.

  • Sensor correction and reset function

  • Internal memory which permanently stores parameters set by the user during power off.

With the winter chill about to set it, there has never been a better time to invest in a more efficient, energy saving thermostat. Your home will never be more cosy, and your bills will never be cheaper!

Check out our range now!




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