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3 ways Retrotouch can help with your New Year’s Resolutions

Friday, 6 January 2017  |  Amit

It is that time again when we all look ahead to a new year, and ask ourselves what we’d like to achieve from it. For many, 2017 is a blank slate, a fresh start. And for those upset with the conveyer belt of shocking news events that was 2016, the new year offers fresh hope. But while we can’t bring Harambe back from the dead, we can certainly change certain aspects of our lifestyle to live a happier, more stress-free existence.

Although the ‘new year, new me’ attitude is often a kiss-of-death of meme-generating proportions, Retrotouch is committed to helping you achieve your new year’s resolutions. So however ambitious and uncharacteristic your goals for this year, let our smart tech solutions help ease your way into a fitter, happier 2017!

Reduce family bickering with our smart thermostats

The holiday period is a great time to put things into perspective, and many no doubt find themselves emerging from it with a renewed focus on improving their domestic lives. There will be lots of people striving to put a stop to those finickity disputes that come up between family members - a great example being deciding which temperature to set the thermostat. Those manual wheels present in a lot of old homes tend be the catalyst of some pretty Shakespearian domestic disputes.

Thankfully, Retrotouch is on hand to cure all your familial woes, with our smart thermostat technology. With our fully programmable electronic displays allowing you to schedule your temperature settings across the week, all debate will be settled. Your home will now be warm when needed, and all family members can get along in a blissful manner.


Get up and go with Wireless ceiling speakers

If you’re the type that prefers their mornings to be slow and lazy rather than fast and furious, gym motivation can be a pretty scarce commodity. If you’re not going with a mate, or your pre-workout reserves are running low, you will likely need to find inspiration from somewhere else. And that’s where our ceiling mounted speakers come in handy.

Music is scientifically proven to give you a mental boost before and during a workout. A study by Costas Karageorghis - one of the leading experts on the psychology of exercise music - found that high intensity songs represented “a type of legal performance-enhancing drug.”

So how best to start off your day? With a heavy dose of fast-paced music coming at you from above. With our ceiling speakers, there’s no need to faff around with cables. Just connect a device via bluetooth and let the power of music help you achieve your new year’s fitness goals!


Improve your love life with our dimmer switches

If you’re a singleton looking to make a good impression on a potential love interest, then you have to get the lighting right. After all, Cupid tends to avoid harsh fluorescent bulbs in favour of a warmer glow. A softer mood will also help to bring out the best in you, especially if you woke up with an unsightly archipelago of spots on your chin.

Which is why investing in a dimmer switch is one of the best choices you’ll make if you’ve earmarked 2017 as the year you’ll finally find ‘the one’. Our switches have the option of being controlled manually or remotely, and can save your energy costs by up to 85%! You’ll look both powerful and financially shrewd - a winning combination.

Retrotouch’s smart technology solutions can provide you with the tools to make your 2017 a year of romance. If you’re a dimmer, you’re a winner.




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