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There’s nothing like the cool smoothness of glass to bring elegance into a room. Durable, attractive and classy, glass is a perfect insulator as well as being easy to maintain. 

RetroTouch offers a wide range of glass light switches; from glass trim designs featuring chrome accents or brushed-metal trim, to all glass components. Made to the highest possible standards, all of RetroTouch’s mechanical rocker light switches are durable; certain to provide you with year after year of exemplary performance.

When purchasing your switch, you have the option of 1 gang, 2 gang, 3 gang and 4 gang. Large, easy-to-press buttons means no more fumbling in the dark for traditional, awkward light switches. 

All mechanical light switches are available in cool white or elegant black, ensuring they fit seamlessly into your existing décor and color scheme. And RetroTouch hasn’t forgot the fine details… all of our panels boast smooth, screwless facades, allowing them to blend effortlessly with your personal style.


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