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If there is a problem with any of our Retrotouch products not listed in the general FAQ list, please contact us before returning any products.

  • What size back box does the Crystal ® Plug Range need?
  • The standard plug socket is 18mm deep, USB plug socket is 23mm deep, a 25mm depth box is recommended.
  • Are the Plug sockets Double Pole (DP)?
  • All UK switched Plug sockets are double pole. This means that the Live and Neutral are isolated, when socket is off it is Fully OFF.
  • What are green pips on switches for?
  • The green pips glow up in the dark, UV stimulated plastic, the more you expose to natural light the brighter the glow (NOT LED lit).
  • The plugs are a little tight on insert and removal?
  • As the product is brand new recently manufactured, the more you use the copper parts inside the plug will wear in and become easier to insert.
  • What standards are the plugs tested too?
  • All Plug sockets are tested and conform to RoHS, CE and BS1363 standards.
  • What is the size of the Crystal ® Plug socket Range ?
  • Dual Double Plug Socket 172 x 86mm / Double Plug Socket is 148 x 86 mm / Single Plug Socket is 86 x 86mm
  • Are glass switches safe to use in my home?
  • Yes, the glass is toughened/tempered glass (when broken will crumble into chunks instead of into sharp jagged pieces, less likely to cause injury) with chamfered edges to ensure the glass is Not sharp.
  • Will the glass show finger prints easily like a metal switch does?
  • The glass does not show finger prints like a metal switch, not necessary to continually buff the switch, the glass is very easy to clean and is very hygienic.
  • Can I match the colour of my glass splash back with your switches ?
  • Yes, for an additional cost the glass can be sent away to UK company to get colour matched or matched to Pantone colour. Please contact us.
  • How to remove the Glass facial?
  • Underneath on underside of the switch there is a rectangular aperture, insert a flat head screw driver and twist carefully. The plastic sub plate with glass attached will un-clip. Ensure you hold the glass whilst twisting otherwise glass facial will drop on the floor and break.
  • Do I need to rewire my house to be able to use your plug sockets?
  • No, all our plug sockets use exactly same wiring as you already have, (live, neutral and earth) saving you time and most importantly money.


  • Not sure how to wire Plug Socket?
  • All electrical wiring must be done by qualified electrician or similarly qualified person. Instructions enclosed within the box to fit the switch, Always employ a qualified person to avoid damage to the product and for your safety.
  • How long will the Plug socket last for?
  • The plug socket has been tested to last for well over 50,000 operations.li>
  • Does any of the RetroTouch range come with a warranty or guarantee?
  • The Plug sockets come with a 10 year warranty, USB Plug sockets come with a 2 year warranty from date of purchase, if there is a fault please contact us.
  • My plug socket is not working but within warranty, what happens now?
  • Please contact us before sending the product back for a returns number, we shall then test the product, and repair if faulty, if un-repairable a replacement shall be sent within 7 working days.
  • Can we use your plug sockets in the bathroom?
  • No Plug sockets are not permitted in the bathroom. You can use a Shaver Socket.

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