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If there is a problem with any of our Retrotouch products not listed in the general FAQ list, please contact us before returning any products.

  • What size back box does the Audio switch need?
  • Due to the electronics within the light switch, a 47mm depth box is recommended.
  • What can I do to improve the radio signal?
  • Ensure the radio aerial is vertically mounted with 0.5m at a 90 degree angle, this will improve the signal vastly, otherwise the signal will not pick up many channels. signal strength will be dampened by metal objects and distance from radio antenna mast.
  • The radio stations are not picking up?
  • You must improve the radio signal as above first, then hold down SET on remote control and the switch will Auto Search stations. Then scroll through stations there should be more there now. (Typical 10 stations should be picked up).
  • What is maximum distance between Audio Touch head unit and Amplifier for Cat5 lead ?
  • The maximum distance for the CAT5 lead is upto 100 metres.
  • Where can I install the amplifier?
  • The Amplifier can be installed in the loft, cupboard, on the wall. Anywhere inside the home (excluding: bathroom/wet rooms/outside) Nothing must obstrust the amplifier heatsink, as must be clear for airflow.
  • Will my next door neighbour be able to turn on or off my Audio System if using the same system?
  • No, as the remote is not RF it is IR so need to be in same room to work in line of sight.
  • My remote control is not working?
  • Please check the battery. To change the battery, on the reverse of remote, a battery compartment, slide down to change battery.
  • Can more than one touch controller work with amplifier?
  • No, only one touch controller per amplifier otherwise the system will not function correctly.
  • I have a lot of radio channels that have auto set but no stations, can I delete these?
  • Yes, on the remote press "DEL" key on channel no longer required. To skip channels "<" or ">".
  • How to set time/date/ alarm clock?
  • On the touch panel press mode key (alarm clock symbol) next to power on button. Hold down for 2 seconds, use up and down arrow keys followed by (alarm clock symbol), to go through each setting until finished.
  • IS the radio DAB?
  • No, it uses conventional FM radio signal.
  • How many AUX inputs can I have?
  • The amplifier has 2 Aux outputs, for use with TV, DVD, Blueray player, Handheld electronic products via Phono lead  or via 3.5m jack.
  • Amplifier not turning on?
  • Please check the fuse in the plug has not blown, if fuse has blown change with the same fuse rating.


  • Not sure how to install the audio system?
  • All electrical wiring must be done by qualified electrician or similarly qualified person. Instructions enclosed within the box to fit the switch, Always employ a qualified person to avoid damage to the product and for your safety.
  • How long will the Touch panel last for?
  • The Touch panel shall last for well over 100,000 touches (Approx 54 years turning on/off 5 times a day).
  • Does any of the RetroTouch range come with a warranty or guarantee?
  • Product comeS with a 2 year warranty from date of purchase, if there is a fault please contact us.
  • My Audio system is not working but within warranty, what happens now?
  • Please send the switch back to us and we shall test the product, and repair if faulty, if un-repairable a replacement shall be sent within 7 working days.
  • Audio System easy to locate at night, when pitch black?
  • Yes, the touch switch lightly glows at night and uses minimal power consumption <0.02W. They do not intrude on your sleep as some neon's do, they are dim but bright enough to locate at night.
  • Can we use your audio system in the bathroom?
  • The audio systems are not IP44 rated for bathroom use. Although no IP rating required for Zone 3, a volume controller can be used in conjunction with system.

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