Bluetooth Wireless Switch & Kozee Receiver Starter Kit - White PG

Bluetooth Wireless Switch & Kozee Receiver Starter Kit - White PG
Bluetooth Wireless Switch & Kozee Receiver Starter Kit - White PGBluetooth Wireless Switch & Kozee Receiver Starter Kit - White PGBluetooth Wireless Switch & Kozee Receiver Starter Kit - White PG
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The Kozee Wireless Receiver can be partnered with our Retrotouch Bluetooth Smart Switches - it is an easy and quick way to add or move a light switch in your home without costly rewires. You can control your switches via the wall, the Kozee App or even through Alexa, making this combination perfect for your home.


The receiver can be wired discreetly into any household LED light system and when coupled with a Retrotouch Bluetooth Smart Switch, it provides wireless lighting control using a switch you can position anywhere in your home. Control your lighting either from your wall, with the Kozee App or even Amazon Alexa.


Bluetooth/Wifi Receiver

No Wires: The Retrotouch EnOcean Bluetooth Smart switch is completely wireless, meaning you can install/stick anywhere in your home. It talks to the Kozee Receiver via Bluetooth.

No Batteries in Switches: Using energy harvesting technology from EnOcean, you will never need to replace a battery again.

App Control: Connect your light to the free Kozee app available on iOS and Android. You can control you lighting even if your not at home.

Flexible Placement: Completely wireless, install it on any flat surface. This could even be your bathroom.

Easy To Use: Once fitted to your wall it looks and functions like a standard UK light switch that we're all used to! No special training required to operate your lights, it's all straight-forward. Just click the switch.

Second Channel: The 120W Bluetooth receiver has two channels so if you have two lighting circuits to control you can simply buy Multiple Retrotouch Bluetooth EnOcean switches (Switches sold separately) and connect it to the same receiver.




Wireless Enocean Smart Switches

Retrotouch’s wireless and battery-free EnOcean light switches have been designed to look great, with a white premium glass finish with chrome trim bringing a stylish designer-feel to a smart home’s controls. These EnOcean switches are available in white or black glass, with or without a chrome trim; and an option of one or two buttons.



Starter Kit Contents

  • 1x Retrotouch Bluetooth Smart Switch - White PG
  • 1x Kozee 2 Channel Bluetooth/Wifi Receiver


  • 2 Channel 120W Receiver
  • Bluetooth and Wifi
  • Works with Alexa Voice Control (WiFi Version)
  • Works with Retrotouch Bluetooth Smart Switch


Technical Specs

  • Input: Voltage Range 220-240VAC - Frequency 50HZ
  • Max Mains Current: 1.4A
  • Output: Channel 1 120W max / Channel 2 120W max
  • Radio transmitter: WiFi IEEE802.11 b/g/n, BLE
  • Operating Frequency: 2.4Ghz Transceiver
  • Max Output Power: 120W per Channel
  • Operating Temp: 20ºC + 45ºC
  • Max Relative Humidity: 0-80%
  • Connections: 0.5 - 1.5mm AWG
  • Mechanical Dimensions: H30mm X W45mm X L115mm
  • Weight: 68g
  • Protection Rating: IP20 (indoor use only)
  • Protection Class: Class II
  • Range: 10m Clear Air, 8m Indoor (dependent on barriers)




  • High quality toughened glass
  • Kinetic powered By EnOcean Technology
  • High quality toughened glass finish
  • Batteries not required
  • Wireless operation
  • Mount anywhere using included 3M sticky pad
  • Retrofit on any UK or European standard back-box, fixing Screws and terminal connector block included
  • 2 Button (4 channels) &  1 Button (2 channel)


Technical Specs

  • Indoor Range: Up to 10m
  • Material: ABS & Toughened Glass
  • Frequencies: Bluetooth
  • 86 x 86 x 14mm (Standard Single)
  • Operational temperature: 0°C to 40°C
  • Altitude: 2000m
  • CE & RoHS Certified
  • Limited Warranty: 2 Year

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