Boutique Boiler Heating Touch Thermostat V2 5A - HV100L8 White

Boutique Boiler Heating Touch Thermostat V2 5A - HV100L8 White
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We provide heating thermostats that are built for the 21st century. Smart, sleek, and energy saving, our devices will work perfectly in guest rooms, communal spaces, or just your own home. With programmable heating periods making scheduling much easier, our switches are a must have for any living space.


Our touch 5A - 5a HV100L8 boiler thermostats provide a crisp LCD panel that will make manual heating adjustments easier than ever.

These stylish models are applied to electrical heating equipment control and systemic heating electrical valve control to keep the room temperature at a constant level.

With features including six programmable temperature periods in a day, all day frost protection, and holiday mode, these units are perfect for homes and hotels rooms alike.

Key Features

  • Back light glass touch-type buttons. LCD display room temperature, time, day, mode and running period convenient to operate clearly in any environment.
  • Blue Luminescent touch-type modern design, easily identified at night.
  • Four modes: Manuel Mode, Auto Mode, Energy Saving Mode, Holiday Mode.
  • Auto/holiday mode 7 days 24 hours on/off control, 6 heat-supply periods of time control per day.
  • Each heat supply time period cam control one temperature accordingly
  • Start up optimizing control.
  • Sensor correction and reset function
  • Internal memory which permanently stores parameters set by the user during power off.
  • Temperature adjustable with Frost protection and high temperature protection.
  • HV100L8 Intelligent Electronic Thermostats fit into BS4662 wall box for installation.
  • Specification

    • Boiler Thermostat
    • Programmable central heating thermostat
    • Set Six temperature periods in a day, seven days a week
    • Blue glow for easy location
    • Multi-operation-mode
    • Energy saving mode (preset temperature)
    • Holiday/Auto mode
    • Start up optimizing control
    • Frost protection
    • Concealed fixing screws
    • 86 x 86mm (Standard Single)
    • 42mm depth
    • Rated Voltage: 220-240V~
    • Operating Power: 5A
    • 2 Year Warranty
    • CE & RoHS Certified
    • Controls the Following Equipment:

    • Electromagnetism valve of water heater
    • Electromagnetism valve of boiler
    • Forced ventilator of gas or oil burners
    • Cycle pump and zone valves in heating system
    • Fan machine of electric heating system or Electrical storage water heater
    • Thermal actuator
    • Heating equipment


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