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Why Retrotouch are the kings of remote operated tech

Tuesday, 10 April 2018  |  Amit

One of the core philosophies at Retrotouch is a belief in the power of tech to make lifestyles easier and more carefree. Whether it’s making your surroundings easily customisable, or just letting you power parts of your home from the comfort of your own armchair, our researchers have identified a key way of making your household less labour intensive - remote operation.

If it sometimes it seems like the world is trying its best to throw obstacles in your way, we’ve designed our products with you - the user - in mind. Our gadgets are designed to put you at the centre of your own universe, with everything corresponding to your own wishes. We’ve selected just a few examples of how this remote operation technology can alleviate some of the stresses in your life.



Remote controlled light switches, which can run throughout your entire household. Your remote can set scenes - patterns of light - in different rooms, without the need for expensive controllers or senders. These work for our Boutique and Crystal lighting ranges, as well as for our dimmer switches.

Imagine being able to customise the mood of your living space without even having to get up from your seat! This dream can easily become a reality with our remote operated switches. Including a sleek mini remote, put the power at your fingertips with our fantastic range.


Motorised wall and ceiling mounts, which can be manoeuvred into the optimum viewing angle from the comfort of your own sofa. These mounts work both on normal and curved screens, and are a great way to keep your TV away from potential hazards.

We all want a clear view of the TV screen, and for those of us with families who may need to compromise, we have the ultimate tool for maneuvering your screen into the optimum position so all can see. No longer will you need to get up off your seat to move the television, here you have a full range of viewing angles available at the switch of a button!

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 18.23.59.png

Each provides the user with an awesome feeling of control, while providing great value for money.

We believe in the power of tech to transform our lifestyles into ones that are much more stress free. The examples above are just some of the ways that our gadgets can work to take a load off your mind and body. While our lives may be full of worry at times, Retrotouch are here to provide that satisfaction we all need.

For more information about our remote operated devices, or to browse through all our other smart products, view our product range now!



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