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Upgrade Your Hotel Or Guest Room With These Smart Innovations

Friday, 21 January 2022

Upgrade Your Hotel or Guest Room With These Smart Innovations

Amid the many changes wrought by the pandemic, the hospitality industry has been forced to adapt to the age of social distancing. Almost overnight, hotels and guest rooms went from socialized ecosystems to contact-free service providers. And to help establishments meet their Covid-19 requirements, technology has enabled businesses to maintain high quality service throughout these uncertain times.

But as the threat of Covid begins to slowly but surely recede, the innovations it spearheaded remain. For many, the technologies introduced provide not just a Covid-safe way of operating, but a better way of operating. Efficient and cost-saving, this wave of investment in hotel technology is here to stay, and Retrotouch are lighting the way forward.

To start with a simple example, let's look at the humble lightswitch.



As the first thing you touch when you enter a room, light switches can be a petri dish of germs and bacteria. In your own home, this can be remedied without too much hassle, but for guest rooms and commercial spaces with multiple visitors, this could be an issue. While regular cleaning is a safe option for ensuring a covid free space, it might also be worth exploring other alternatives for creating a hands free environment.

Retrotouch’s Bluetooth switches and Kozee relays are innovative and energy-saving devices that use your smartphone to control electrical fixtures. In just a few easy steps, a user can have access to a room’s lighting without needing to touch any panels. Utilising its inbuilt geolocation technology, the room’s lighting can turn on only when occupied, and then switch off when a guest has exited. In addition, by hooking a device up to Alexa, you can activate a voice-enabled lighting control system. Ask Alexa to ‘turn on the lights.’ Unique problems call for unique solutions, and by taking advantage of the smart technology provided by our Bluetooth switches and Kozee relays, your establishment can benefit from a more covid secure environment.

With its sleek modern look, this switch will blend in perfectly with any decor. Whether modern or traditional, the unit will suit any aesthetic. And by utilising the hands free opportunities it provides guests with greater peace of mind when visiting.



Retrotouch’s product range contains no shortage of innovations that hotels and guest rooms can take advantage of. And with a lot more products to be introduced over the next year or so, we aim to lead the charge on a whole new wave of time and energy saving gadgets to ensure all establishments get that modern upgrade.

To view more Retrotouch products, or to get in touch with one of our team about your business requirements, then check out our website at https://www.retrotouch.co.uk/




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