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Treat your home this Christmas with Retrotouch

Wednesday, 5 December 2018  |  Amit

OK, so you’ve ordered your christmas jumper, decided what to order for the office Christmas party, and formed some vague ideas about what to get your family members. Job done for now, right? If your idea of Christmas is damage limitation, then this may not be your favourite season, but for bringing some lasting benefits to your family and lifestyle, then this may be a better opportunity than you may realise!

Whether you’re entertaining an army of cousins and distant relatives, or just having a quiet occasion, Christmas is the perfect time to consider how your light fittings and electrical components could do with sprucing up. Not only is there extra strain put on your plug sockets, but those long cosy evenings spent indoors are perfectly complemented by the right mood lighting. If you’re thinking of making some changes around the home, then now is the perfect time to commit.

Here’s some fantastic Retrotouch products that will provide you with some inspiration for those long overdue home improvements!

Super Sockets

Retrotouch provides a top of the range line of plug sockets that provide both ease and style for your connections. Your sockets will undoubtedly come under a lot of strain this time of the year, so it is best to make sure that they look the part, while being extremely practical and resilient.

Whether it is the sleek glass exterior of our Crystal range, or the high quality plastic surface of Simplicity, our sockets are built to last. Our units have concealed screws, and present a flawless exterior which are superbly satisfying to the touch. With our sockets, those christmas lights will be no problem to plug in and turn on. Available in 1, 2, or 4 gang, we have the versatility to suit your needs.

Amazing dimmers

Want the perfect tip for creating a beautiful Christmas atmosphere? Dim the lights. Not only will your Christmas tree stand out in all its glory, but you won’t be able to see the size of your gut as those mince pies start taking effect. The dulcet tones of Sinatra are rather ill suited to piercing light, so why not invest in a dimmer switch so that the atmosphere is just right for festive cheer.

Our Retrotouch dimmer switches are the perfect way to provide all the benefits of light modulation all from the comfort of your armchair. For the ultimate experience, our remote controlled dimmer switches can ensure that you don’t even have to miss any Home Alone action. Just take your mini remote, turn it down, and you have the perfect mood generator in the palm of your hand!

However you’re spending this festive season, let Retrotouch light your way to a spectacular Christmas!



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