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The Trendiest Electrical Socket Designs for 2019

1 CommentThursday, 18 April 2019  |  Admin

Homes and commercial buildings are becoming more dependent on electricity than ever. The emergence of smart speakers, lights, thermostats and other devices mean there are more gadgets in our home that require innovative electrical socket design. Thankfully, there are some great companies innovating creative solutions for electrical sockets in 2019 to keep pace with developing technology. They’re also stepping things up with product design to make things look sleek and modern. As our lives become more modern, we need to make sure our homes and office infrastructure can keep up. Let’s check out some of the coolest trends in electrical socket design for 2019.

  1. Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch Plates

5G connectivity is on the horizon. Consumers should expect more and more smart devices and controls that connect to phones, enabling homeowners to turn things on and off from a distance. A lot of the options on the market for the past several years were external adaptors that plugged into sockets. Now innovative companies are integrating smart technology directly into sockets and switches. The newest Wi-Fi-enabled switches also have voice control options that integrate with popular AI voice assistants. If your phone is ever not in reach, all you have to do is beckon one of your smart digital assistants to make the adjustment you’re looking for. The touch plates require no manual buttons or screws, so the design looks sleek in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. No more getting up out of bed just to check if all the lights are out. Just whip out your phone or use voice controls to shut everything down.

  1. Multi-Function Switches & Sockets

Electronic design companies are getting more out of socket design by adding in USB ports. USB is great because the ports are small enough to fit more than one in a single socket plate. Two electronic sockets along with two USB ports means that four devices can be charged at the same time. You can free up other plugs around the house by connecting USB-capable devices directly into USB ports. The design is still minimal and brings your home or building into the digital age.

Another great option for efficiency is multi-switch gang rockers. They cut the size of a traditional rocker switch in half, allowing room for two switches on a single faceplate. These are often seen in conference centers or meeting rooms where a lot of switches need to be in place for different lighting settings. You can bring the convenience of multiple light settings to your home that can help cut down on energy bills and help with mood lighting.

  1. Screwless Faceplates

Even basic design improvements can make a big difference in a room’s look and feel. If you’re not into keeping up with the latest tech trends like smart sockets, screwless faceplates can be a great way to update your home’s look. The screwless design looks minimal and they come in so many more options these days. Black and white come along with newer glass faceplates that add a hint of luxury. They come in glass and plastic finishes and really update the look of any home or office.

  1. Interchangeable Faceplate Covers

Not everyone needs a tech upgrade that involves voice-driven light switches. For people looking for something simple that’s more stylish than traditional electrical sockets, sleek faceplates with interchangeable covers are a hot new trend. They’ve got a new look and come with more modern designs that fit into contemporary homes and offices. The faceplates come in a variety of shades that are easily switched out when things need a bit of freshening up. Changing them is an easy DIY project that can immediately change the look of a room. Great interior design is all about unique little accents like changing faceplate colors. This is a great choice for home and commercial building owners that want to mix things up with their wall colors as well. Your employees or family members can make their offices and rooms personalized with the customizable plates. It’s a cost affordable way to give your spaces diverse looks. If you’ve got a brightly colored wall, for example, you can choose a shade of faceplate that either blends or balances off the color.

  1. Elegant Rocker Switches

We’ve all seen and lived in homes with the standard basic light switch. Nothing wrong with them, but they’re in most homes because they do the trick and don’t cost a lot of money. If you’re aren’t looking for the latest hi-tech gadget, but still want to upgrade the way your home or office looks, consider stylish rocker switches. These light switches look like they belong in upscale hotels with their metal trim and interior light design. They’re a great option if you’ve got young ones in the home because they’re easy to operate. Rocker switches are catching on big time, but they’re still uncommon enough to draw some attention in your home after you’ve installed them. Many design trends going into 2019 focused on modern flair and minimalist looks. Sleek rocker switches are a great option for people looking for understated luxury. These rockers give the metal trim a pass, so they appear as a uniform shade of white, cream, or whatever other options the manufacturer offers. And don’t forget that most newer rocker switches come with glow in the dark UV-stimulated plastic so they’re easy to find as you stumble to the bathroom at night.

These five new trends in 2019 electrical socket and switch design really push things forward on a much-neglected part of interior design. Home and office owners spend a lot of time and money keeping their property up to date and looking great. Focusing on the details like electrical sockets take things to a new level of creativity and elegance. It’s an exciting time for this sector as more companies look to add tech options and diversify colors, materials and function for customers. Don’t feel like you have to go with traditional. New designs are out there that come at a great value and will look great on your walls.

Daniel Zheng
Saturday, 27 July 2019  |  9:40

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