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The House of 2031 - How we will live in 10 years

Wednesday, 27 October 2021

A lot can happen in a decade. Back in 2011, LMFAO were heading up the UK singles charts, Game of Thrones was making its HBO premiere, and social distancing was the preserve of introverts rather than entire populations.

A lot too, can happen in the realm of home improvement, with yesterday’s fashions becoming today’s antiquities.

Now, the quest for sustainability is driving a new wave of home improvements, with time and energy saving household gadgets bringing significant changes to the way we interact with our domestic environment. Our homes are sparser, more economical, and less encumbered with faux-decorative elements. So what’s next?

To determine what our homes might look like in 2031, it’s worth looking at some of the ways technology is fueling lifestyle improvements, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in our domestic spheres.

For us, these transformations hinge on the idea of ‘integrated’ technology, offering the possibility of electrical gadgets and fittings being built into the fabric of the home itself, rather than cluttering our living spaces. The home of the future admits no extraneous details - everything fits a purpose. By combining smart technology with subtle, unobtrusive installations, we’re big believers in the space- and money-saving potential of integrated tech.

Want an example? Look no further than the Retrotouch WiFi Smart Switch - the all-in-one home hack that - in so many ways - exists to make households more efficient, energy saving, and intuitive. With geo-location enabled, the lights throughout your home will be on whenever needed, and switched off whenever that area is vacated.


Not only is this a great way to save on energy, it also fits your existing backbox, and requires no additional installations. Each smart switch has WiFi enabled within its mechanism, with no extra hubs or routers needed, meaning you can experience all the benefits of a smart light switch, without having to expend any more money or effort.

Its discreet aesthetics and smartphone compatibility make this switch the ideal complement to any home aesthetic, with options available in white or black, depending on your preference. Combining powerful technology with a sublime appearance, products like the Smart Switch are leading the charge in delivering the home of the future, today.

 Discover more of our products via our website at https://www.retrotouch.co.uk/



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