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Smart air-conditioning solutions for avoiding the summer swelter

Wednesday, 21 June 2017  |  Amit


What is a Brit's favourite past time? Complaining about the cold weather. And it doesn't take long, especially in a cramped office, to realise what is our second - complaining about hot weather.

If you've been banking on the weather maintaining its characteristic gloom, then you would have received a shocking wake up call this week. Portable fans are the new currency, and a well air-conditioned interior comes as something of a godsend as the mercury maintains its steady ascent.


For those who do boast an air conditioning system, that switch may be coated in a thick layer of dust. Well now it's time for your AC unit to truly shine.

Retrotouch offers a range of LCD thermostat switches that will keep your home or business the perfect temperature whatever the weather.

So no more moaning, and no more comments about how 'It wasn't this bad last year'. With our switches, you can take shelter from the weather and stay comfortable all throughout the year.

So what is it about our AC switches that make them so great to use?

Our smart displays allow the user to set the perfect temperature at the perfect time. So no more family members fighting over the controls! Just input the preset temperature and fan speed for a specified time, and you can ensure your room stays cool only when you need it. This can be a great way of cutting electricity bills!

The luminescent touch-type keypads of our units offer a full range of extra features, including innovate power up scene settings, key locks, and remote operation. It is no wonder so many people are turning towards our AC units as the smartest way to cool their interior.


Aesthetically, our switches boast a clear glass faceplate with a brushed aluminium housing. Our LCD panels are crystal clear, and offer a clear and bright look to complement any modern interior. Whether for home or office use, these sleek panels are sure to put a bit of shine into your decor.

How easy are they to install?

Fitting our AC units couldn't be easier. Our models are fitted to a BS4662 wall box for installation. For anyone who doesn't know what this means, plenty of Youtube videos abound that will show you how incredibly easy it is.

We're all about bringing the latest technology into your home with as minimal fuss as possible, and getting your unit set up simply and effectively is our priority.

With just a few steps, you can get your system set up to begin providing a smart, energy-efficient air conditioning system for a pain-free experience. No sweat.

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