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Set the mood to love this Valentine's Day with Retrotouch

Sunday, 11 February 2018  |  Amit

The flowers have been bought, wine selected, and ingredients remembered. Job done. Or is it?

Like any theatre director will tell you, lighting is key. No Hamlet soliloquy was ever performed under harsh 2am kebab shop lighting. Nor should your attempts at warming your partner's heart. There's something about exposed blackheads that tends to nullify any passionate advances you might attempt.

Luckily, Retrotouch have your back. Acting as the best wingman ever, our technology will be you every step of the way this Valentines Day. How? Through the sweet magic of dimmer switches.

With our unique dimmer switches, we've made it as painless as possible to set the perfect mood for your household. And with our remote dimmer switch range, you won't even need to get up from your seat.

Our designers have worked hard to put the power in hands. So as the mood progresses from chattily convivial to luxurious, simply use our mini remote switches to mark the transition.

Dimming your interior has never been easier with Touch.

Our switches are tailor made for the requirements of your home. We have the traditional rotary switches that are hugely popular and are a beautiful addition to your decor, but If you're looking to inject a bit of style and sophistication to your home, then our Crystal touch range will provide that premium quality.  

We've made our switches as unobtrusive as possible, and you will love the way our Touch range blends in with your wall. Minimal in style, our switches boast a superb glass exterior which will provide that touch of class to your home.

Another fantastic feature of our Touch light switches are the superb LED indicators that illuminate blue when off, and red when on. So when the wine really starts to kick in, you won't be fumbling in the dark for your switch.

Blending style, ease, and wow factor, our touch dimmer switches are the perfect way to provide the ideal atmosphere this Valentines day.

Check out our range now!




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