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Retrotouch and the art of minimalism

Monday, 2 August 2021

Just as we go to the gym to work off that superfluous baggage, our households also require regular maintenance. 21st century design principles dictate that less is more, and by stripping away all the unnecessary extras, we can achieve a purer, happier form of domestic life.

If you’re looking to give your home a zen makeover, then you might want to consider more than just a spring clean. Just as there are many fixtures you just can’t wipe away, achieving that simple look is often a lot more complicated than it seems. But here at Retrotouch, we’re here to ensure that your fittings and installations look the part, and help you achieve a more modern design aesthetic throughout your interior. So here’s a roundup of some of our latest and greatest Retrotouch products to help you create a more harmonious home.




Do you have sockets upon sockets? Piled networks of inputs that would be impressive if they weren't such a fire hazard?


The truth is, plug socket technology and design has moved on a lot, and many are realising that you can have a one size fits all solution to your power needs. Like combining USB ports with traditional sockets, meaning you can charge your phone while keeping that bedside lamp lot, without the need for extra apparatus.


Our Crystal USB + Double plug sockets are the perfect solution for getting rid of unnecessary electronics around your household. Combining a double USB slot with two sockets produces an all-in-one method for powering your devices. Not only do they offer superb functionality, they are exquisitely designed, with screwless faceplates, and sleek exteriors that will add some gloss to any interior.



As the first thing you look for when you enter your home, a light switch is an underappreciated and often underinvested household component. But having a switch that brings joy to you on a daily basis is a great way of ensuring your domestic world is stress free and functions the way you want it to.


Retrotouch offer a range of options, including rocker switches and touch light switches which forego exterior screws in place of beautifully smooth faceplates.


But if you’re after the ultimate in joy-giving electronics, why not go for one of our dimmer modules, which can function using a remote control, manually, or in tandem with our latest iotty light switch functionality, which will light up when you’re in the room? All our models are painstakingly designed to offer the maximum in ease and convenience, and are meant to replace those shoddy, squeaky models of yesteryear.


Take a look at our full range of products here:





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