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Our pulse switches are Fibaro Compatible!

Wednesday, 20 November 2019  |  Amit

Everyone desires compatibility in this day and age. Relationships, multimedia, even home automation systems. We can all benefit from things working together to a common goal. This is why our designers are always on the hunt for new ways to synch our switches and sockets up with other systems on the market. 

And we’ve made a pretty exciting breakthrough. 

Our Pulse light switches are now compatible with Fibaro - a comprehensive home automation gadget that allows you to control your fixtures and fittings with ease. Pairing these two devices together will give you unprecedented efficiency when it comes to lighting your home. Imagine seeing your rooms light up when you walk through them. Or what about switching on your lighting at 30% brightness when waking up in the middle of the night. All this is possible by using our lightswitch in conjunction with Fibaro.

Utilising our stylish switches alongside the Fibaro app, you will be able to monitor things such as energy usage, as well as set timers and remote scheduling, for easy use when away from the home. Not only does this provide peace of mind when you’re not in, it will also ensure you’re using your lighting as and when you need it. Having the visibility of when your lights are on and off will also give you a better sense of how much you’re using, enabling you to cut costs wherever you see waste. 

As for our switches, our Crystal units are sleek and sturdy, with easy-to-use buttons that will provide a warm glow for excellent locatability in the dark. With their sophisticated glass finish, and a stylish range of colours available to choose from, these switches will look the part in any interior. Whether your living room, hotel guest room, or even restaurant, this modern looking switch adds a premium gloss at an affordable price. Many of our customers come back again and again for more of our Crystal range, and with their high-end quality plain to see, all switches and sockets from this category will shine throughout your interior. 

We are excited about where home automation is headed, which is why we’re constantly on the hunt for new ways to introduce efficiencies to households up and down the country. Working with some of the best all-in-one automation systems, we’re eager to ensure you have all the tools available to make the best of your lifestyle. No niggling inconveniences, no unnecessary wastage. The future is smart. 

We’re keen to show you some of our products in action, and to help you do so, we’re exhibiting in many trade shows and events around the country. To find out where we’re going, and to have the chance to get up close with some of these products, click on the link below: 




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