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New website, and a fresh new home for our products

Saturday, 5 August 2017  |  Amit

If you've visited our site this week, you may have noticed we have a fresh new look and feel to our website. Our designers have been hard at work developing a site which reveals our products in their best light. You will see large images, easy navigation bars, and a cleaner aesthetic which will make your experience much more rewarding.

web screenshot 2.png

We understand that finding the right fittings for your home can sometimes be arduous. You may need to wade through technical jargon to find a clear indication of how the product looks and feels. On the other hand, you may not find details about the specs you're looking for. We have been very attentive to the needs of our customers showing our products in a clear, concise, but informative way.

Where to start looking...

You may like to start on our range pages. Here you can find in vivid detail the philosophies behind, as well as the products that make up, our Simplicity, Crystal, and Boutique ranges. Each offers its own unique style, and now it is easier than ever to decide which one is right for you home. Will it be the sleek glass fittings of Crystal? Or do you love the customisable colours of Simplicity? Open up our Range selector to find out.

web screenshot.png

Our product pages themselves offer clear and bright images alongside a comprehensive overview of how the product functions, and its specs. Most of our products come in different colours, so you can find the perfect switch or socket for your home. We've worked hard to detail the full benefits of each product, and how they could feature within your household. Start browsing now!

We have a bright new page advertising the latest trade shows where Retrotouch will be making an appearance. Included alongside each listing is details about how to get tickets. Remember to keep checking this page for updates. We could be coming to a trade show near you!

Our blog is also a great place to head. If you want some smart information about how best to enjoy Retrotouch products, check our some of our recent posts. With a range of applications you may never thought was possible, our blog is the best place to go to see how Retrotouch can provide some fantastic benefits to your home.

Our gift to you

For a long time, we've wanted to spruce up our shop window to make our products stand out to you the consumer. Now finally we have finally designed the perfect complement to our unique and stylish products. Simply put, we want to encourage people to see what's possible for their home.

If you have any questions or ways you think we can improve our website even further to enhance your experience, please let us know. And one last thing - we'd love to get your feedback about how it looks.



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