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Little things can make so much difference

Monday, 15 July 2019  |  Amit

When renovating your home or office space, it can be easy to think ‘bigger is better.’ Too often, this stretches budgets to breaking point, and can come with an agonising amount of hassle. You may end up making changes you don’t even need, just to make your space more presentable. If only there was a way to introduce some fresh updates without breaking the bank!

At Retrotouch, we believe it is the little things that make such a huge difference. We design switches and sockets that you’re not ashamed of. And if you’re looking to make a statement, our products boast impeccable quality and functionality that will make your entire home gleam.

We decided to focus on switches and sockets because they play such a large role in our everyday lives. From turning the light on when we come home to switching off your sockets at night, these are the daily routines that can be transformed into pleasurable experiences.

Whether it is the silky satisfaction of activating our touch light switches or putting the power at your fingertips with our remote operated range, we recognise that it is these little experiences in life which add up to a greater whole. Why spend all your money on something you use less when for a fraction of a price you can have a superb set of fittings?

Here are a couple of fantastic benefits that our products will provide:

- Superb quality materials provide resistance to damage and degradation  

- Screwless, easy to clean surfaces are very easy to maintain

- Stylish aesthetics that work hand in hand with high quality functionality

- Fantastic innovations that will transform the way you interact with your electronics.

- Our products are CE and RoHS certified to European Standards, which means meeting a list of EU consumer safety, health, and environmental requirements.

So if you’re deciding on which objects to decorate your home, make sure you consider what you’ll end up using on a daily basis. Too often people settle for second best when it comes to sockets and switches and end up regretting their choice upon first use. Using our products, your fittings will stay pristine and user friendly all the time.

Put some glamour into your home accessories with our fantastic Retrotouch product range!

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