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Itís time to talk about your fused spur switch

1 CommentMonday, 22 February 2021

There are many different types of switches out there. Being the most frequently used, light switches and plug sockets usually receive the most attention from homebuilders and renovators. But not many spare a thought for the humble fused spur switch, that unloved component which nevertheless plays an important role in your kitchen. 


Used for higher power, higher voltage electrical appliances, and housing an additional fuse protecting against shocks and electrical fires, the fused spur is an integral part of your home. So why do they always look hideous?


With colour palettes ranging from off-milk white to 50 shades of grey, and frequently bearing unsightly indicators and screws, a surprising lack of thought has historically gone into their design. And with their squeaky plastic casing, they’re often not so pleasant to use, either. But it’s time to demand a lot more from your switches. And we can help.

Our designers have crafted the perfect blend of quality, clarity, and sophistication, to deliver a refreshing take on the fused spur switch. We’ve revitalised this tired old model to create a truly modern, truly stylish switch, that will shine throughout your home. And, by adapting our designs to complement the rest of our switches and sockets, you can achieve that consistent look without needing to compromise. 


While many fused spurs look like ramshackle DIY projects, our Crystal and Simplicity fused spur switches are completely screwless, are comfortable to touch, and come in an tasteful array of colours to suit your interior. 

If you’re looking to dazzle, our patented Crystal spur/Flex outlet models are built on minimalistic principles, without the need to visually see the fuse holder. Boasting a pristine glass exterior, this product boasts a gorgeous chrome trim which borders a central switch. These models are available in black or white, in keeping with the rest of our Crystal range. 


If you’d prefer to keep things simple, then look no further than our Simplicity range, which similarly obviates the need for visible screws, and presents a stylish faceplate available in four different colours. These sockets will fit perfectly into a standard 25mm back box, and come with an amazing 10 year guarantee.


It’s time your fused spur switch got a facelift. To find out about our product range, and to see other products in this category, visit our website at https://www.retrotouch.co.uk/



Eleczo - the Electrical Zone
Thursday, 4 March 2021  |  8:18

Very well explained about fused spur switch types of switches, quality, designs, functionality, and so on. Nice article. You can different types of switches and other electrical products at one platform called eleczo.com.



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