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Introducing… your new energy efficient lighting solution

Sunday, 16 May 2021

Reduce, reuse, and recycle. When it comes to ensuring a healthy and sustainable future for future generations, it helps to be mindful of our actions in the here and now. Improving our household’s energy efficiency relies on having the right mindset, as well as the right tools, to make a positive change.


With the introduction of Retrotouch’s Enocean Smart Switch, we’ve created a smart lighting solution that addresses the issue of energy efficiency, helping environmentally-minded households to get the most out of their electricity, with no unnecessary waste. With our latest lightswitch innovation, we've made it possible for people to feel better about their energy consumption without having to yell at careless family members.


Introducing... Our Enocean powered smart light switches.

By harnessing the power of kinetic energy harvesting, we’ve delivered an all-in-one lighting system that minimises waste, and maximises efficiency.


The modules in these smart switches use EnOcean's technology which utilizes the kinetic energy from motion as the energy source for a radio signal. Due to the nature of their operation, they are completely wireless, 100% battery-free and maintenance-free. The kinetic technology works by radio diagnostics and enables battery-free applications for EnOcean, Bluetooth and Zigbee. By creating a battery free solution, we’ve found a way to turn a wasteful household component into something that can help secure a more sustainable future.


EnOcean works with groups such as the EnOcean Alliance, Bluetooth SIG and Zigbee Alliance, creating a standardisation with our switches communications with their systems. The energy harvesting and low-energy signals make their technology exciting and innovative within the industry.

Complementing the sophisticated polish of our other switches and sockets, these innovative new models won’t look out of place among your collection, and will shine with a delightfully modern lustre throughout any home. And if you need any more convincing that our new switches look the part, you can even check out these versions in Augmented Reality through our website.


By introducing smart technology to the humble lightswitch, we’ve made it easier to take a proactive approach to ensuring you’re doing your bit for the future of the planet.


To see this product in action, and to read more about the many features and advantages of owning one, please see our product page here:




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