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How to lower your household energy consumption, Retrotouch style

Sunday, 10 May 2020  |  Amit

2019 was a year that saw the climate change debate take centre stage. Environmental activism ramped up a gear, as more and more people took notice of the impact their everyday actions may be having on the planet. For many, the daunting question ‘am I doing my bit?’ would have occurred, accompanied by a feeling that lifestyle changes may be required.

At Retrotouch, we believe reducing your energy consumption needn’t represent a sacrifice, but an opportunity. Using less power means lower bills, as well as a reduced carbon footprint. And using the following Retrotouch products, you can make this shift in an easy and painless manner. 

Control your heating with our smart thermostats

Ever stared in disbelief at your heating bill, not knowing how it got so high? The truth is, the more manual your heating, the more liable it is to fluctuate and deviate from what you expect. Those tacky plastic dials we used to use are difficult to control. They rely on us being present, and can be open to tampering (as anyone with kids will know first hand!) 

We’re proud to present the solution to your heating woes with our fully programmable heating thermostat, which offers a super crisp LCD screen that makes it incredibly easy to set your own customised heating periods. With up to six programmably periods in a day, seven days a week, you can now ensure your home is heated when you need it to be, and not racking up extortionate bills when you’re out. 

Reduce energy consumption in guest rooms with energy key card savers

Holidays are a time for excess. Whether it’s excess sun, excess food, or excess alcohol, we all know the blissful feeling of just letting go. Unfortunately, the same often happens with electricity usage in many of the UK’s hotels and guest rooms. The result is an epicurean disregard for turning things off when they’re not in use. 

Our energy key card savers are a fantastic way to ensure that energy consumption is at zero when guests are out. This ensures electricity bills are low, and can also avoid potentially dangerous hazards, such as portable heaters being left on. Simply put, the room’s electricity can only be used when guests are in. As soon as they leave and remove the key, a satisfying ‘clunk’ sound means that the electricity is off. Good for the running costs, good for the environment. 

These are just a few of the fantastic ways that Retrotouch helps to reduce our impact upon the planet. We love a good walk through the countryside as much as anyone, which is why we’ve worked hard to produce a range of products that can make us live in harmony with our environment. To see more of our amazing energy saving products, check out our range here! https://www.retrotouch.co.uk/



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