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Forget fidget spinners, Our remote controlled switches are fun AND practical

Thursday, 25 May 2017  |  Amit

There seems to be a new craze every summer. Last year saw Pokemon Go enthusiasts conducting aimless searches around their neighbourhood. This year, fidget spinners are the latest obsession. For anyone that can’t keep their hands still, these pocket sized devices are an exciting product. They are being used in schools, offices, and even outdoors.


People love celebrating favourable weather by wilfully devoting themselves to apparently pointless activities. But before you rush to your nearest supplier to grab yourself a spinner, why not consider a similar thrill…  remote controlled switches.

Retrotouch is one of the leading suppliers in the UK of remote controller light switches. And our Crystal Touch models are the perfect investment if you want to satisfy your fidget fetish.

Boasting not only a sleek panel that will look the part in any household, our models come with a mini remote that is pretty addicting to use.

The power is yours

Feel the power at your fingertips. At a simple flick on the button, you can control the lighting, as well as the atmosphere, of your home. And with our gorgeous remotes that fit perfectly into the palm of your hand, setting the scene has never been easier.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 18.15.21.png

Picture yourself on your favourite seat in your lounge, remote in hand, with the ability to swiftly control your home’s lighting. Many of our customers have described a similar satisfaction. And our models boast an exciting range of features that will provide the utmost ease and convenience for your interior.

These include:

  • They work through walls, and can control your lights up to 20m away.
  • They are a Retrofit solution, using existing wiring for a quick, hassle-free installation.
  • Sleek glass panels are available with a stylish chrome trim.
  • Blue glow for easy night use
  • Concealed fixing screws

Available at an affordable price, and with a painless installation, there are no barriers to you enjoying the awesome convenience of our remote models.

To look the part in your interior, our panels come in either a cool white or a sleek black look. And however your home looks, whether shabby chic or high class, our glass panels will look stunning throughout your household.

Experts in lighting automation

At Retrotouch, we believe remote operation stands as an efficient and modern device designed to transform lifestyles and make home automation as easy as possible. Everyone loves having the power of home technology at their fingertips. And with our sleek setups, it has never been more satisfying.

So if you’re thinking of stocking up on the latest summertime fad, make sure you’re aware of what you may be missing out on. While they may be here today, gone tomorrow, our remote switches are here today and here tomorrow. 



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