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Choose Simplicity for simple living

Friday, 9 February 2018  |  Amit

The winter blues is setting in for many up and down the country. Whether it’s the obligation of keeping up with those new year’s resolutions or just the weather, it can be difficult to maintain a semblance of calm.

The truth is, we all live connected lives, and each of us is just one stop on a huge highway of information. Some days it can all be too much. Some days you just want to get home and relax in style and simplicity.

Our Simplicity range of switches and sockets works on this principle. We wanted to replicate that feeling of calm, of a truly decluttered existence. And our products provide just that, and a whole lot more. .

Available in a range of elegant and tasteful colours, including white, mid-grey, charcoal, and bronze, our collection of switches and sockets will look fantastic in your interior, and are designed to be as low maintenance as possible.

Here are some of the fantastic products included in our Simplicity collection:


Simplicity Rocker Light Switches


1 Gang Rocker Overlay4.jpg


A hugely popular choice for homes and business, our rocker switches possess large, easy-to-press buttons which will leave you with a feeling of real satisfaction every time you turn them on.

Another great feature of our rocker switches are the changeable outer casings. If you’re redecorating your room or simply want a different feel to your switch, then you won’t need complicated rewiring to change their look. Simply attach another panel and you have a fresh switch.


Simplicity plug sockets

Double Socket Overlay Images_Updated.jpg


Everything about our Simplicity plug sockets have been designed with your comfort in mind. Some plug sockets can seem too industrial, some too weathered, some just downright ugly. Our plug sockets boast a durable plastic casing and a smoothly controlled accompanying switch for easy use.

So whether it’s one gang or two gang, bronze or charcoal, we possess a range of sockets that will look and feel the part in your house or office. And for further peace of mind, there's a brilliant 10 year guarantee!


Simplicity LED Dimmer Switches

Another hugely sought after switch in our collection, our Simplicity rotary dimmer models are a simple but effective way to create the perfect mood for your interior. If you’ve just come home from a hard day at work, you will relish the smooth precision of our adjustable dimmer knobs.

The same colour palette applies to these models, and you will love the slick look and feel of our switch. Available as one or two gang, look to Simplicity dimmer switches as the ideal way to generate a stress-free atmosphere.

For simple solutions to simple lifestyles, this collection offers the peace of mind you need.




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