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Bristle Brush sockets - Our Solution for Messy Cables

Wednesday, 7 August 2019  |  Amit

Modern households are full of gadgets. Computers, tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles, TV’s - our lifestyles have been enhanced and transformed by the explosion of smart technology. But there’s one issue we must all face up to - providing a neat and tidy cabling solution. 

The laws of supply and demand are in full swing when it comes to power sockets. The less available ports you have, the more vociferously are the demands for replacing one charger for another. Family feuds are ignited, and the relentless unplugging and replugging can introduce some unsightly wear and tear to your power units. 

For those looking to keep their cables out of the way, and out of sight, there’s only a certain amount of feng shui you can perform before you must accept the fact that a more clever solution is required. 

Step forward - the sleek and texturally pleasing bristle brush socket. 

Whatever the input - whether HDMI cable, speaker wire, Scart, VGA, or component cables - bristle brush sockets can effectively hide your snakepit of cables and inputs from view. 

This sleek looking fixture, resembling a miniature draught excluder - is designed to hide your cables within the cavity of your wall, and will fit snugly over any input that you wish to conceal. 

This product is for those who want a touch of the organic in their home decor. For those who are stylistically averse to the nuts and bolts of electrical components. For those who prefer furry and fuzzy textures over metallic circuitry. For those that want to keep their inputs out of sight. 

Our brush sockets are available in black or white, and a few of them are available as double sockets. In terms of style, some of our models are available with the hallmark ‘chrome trim’ that is a feature of our Crystal range. We’re confident that we’ll have the right looking and fitting model for your needs. 

This is just one of the many cabling solutions that Retrotouch provides. And if you want to see more products that can reduce the clutter of cables around your home, why not check out the rest of our range, available at: https://www.retrotouch.co.uk/



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