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5 Amazing Hacks Made Possible with Iotty Light switches

Tuesday, 19 March 2019  |  Admin


5 Amazing Hacks Made Possible with Iotty Light switches

We all love having those light switch moments. Where previously you were slave to the same habits and routines, suddenly a whole new way of seeing opens up. Manifold possibilities emerge, and you wonder why you were ever settling for second best.


Our designers experienced such a moment while working on our new Iotty smart light switches. In working through the implications of this smart technology for home lighting solutions, a whole new range of possibilities presented themselves. Thanks to the great work of our team, the biggest issue we had was how to quickly and concisely collate all these exciting benefits.


We've selected our 5 favourite smart light switch hacks below.


Illuminate your arrival


Imagine arriving back home and seeing your entrance way light up! Activate the WIFI connection, and your  will turn lights on/off when your smartphone connects or disconnects to a specific wiFi network. Activate the geolocation feature to turn lights on/off when you enter and exit a specific area.


You'll never arrive to a dark home again!


Programmable backlight


Our switches double as automatic night lights! Free up outlet space by eliminating the need for a seperate night light. 3 backlight settings are available and our smart systems allow you to change the intensity of the halo glow. Perfect for late night wanderings around your home!


Automatic gate shutters or door opener


In addition to turning on lights automatically, your device can be programmed to automatically open your front gate or door as you arrive. Open and close curtains according to the daylight. Get the full "Welcome Home" treatment!


Dimming your lamps


In addition to the switch, you can connect a dimmer driver which can be programmed to be used as a retractive switch to dim up and down your lights. Perfect for creating a warm atmosphere throughout your home!


Alexa or Google Home enabled


Hook your device up to either home assistant for the ultimate lifestyle hack. Use one of many voice commands and look on in awe as your home responds to your requests. Eg - "Alexa, Turn on the Kitchen Light... Blimey that was quick!"


There has never been a better time to invest in home automation. It's modern, it's efficient, and it's absolutely amazing.


Check out our switches here:





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