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Retrotouch’s Wiring Accessories - Taking Interior Design to the Next Level

Wednesday, 2 January 2019  |  Amit


Accessories can make a huge impact on a home. Whether you’re designing your new abode or making renovations, often it is the little things that make such a huge difference. Retrotouch co founder Amit Ravat tells us how simple wiring considerations can make or break your decor.

Being the first thing you look for when you enter your home, not a lot of thought goes into light switch design. And the same can be said of other wiring solutions such as plug sockets and dimmer switches. For many home owners, such small details can be overlooked in favour of larger statement furnishings. But it can be very obvious when a home, or even commercial building, skimps on these finer aspects of an interior.
The idea for Retrotouch was actually spawned from the lack of affordable wiring accessories that simultaneously had that premium feel. Too often these items feel either too cheap and plasticky, or too mechanical. We wanted to provide a range of fixtures that are enjoyable to use, while at the same time introducing some nifty hacks to make people’s lives a lot more hassle free.
To take a very simple example - the plug socket. While I was designing my own home, I came across a frustratingly limited range of options for the specific interior that I was after. Whether it was exposed screws and sharp edges, or the cheap and nasty feel of flicking the on/off switch, I realised the arduous complexity of actually getting it right.
The sockets that Retrotouch provides have all been designed with one person in mind - the user. Whether it is our screwless faceplates, or the premium glass sheen provided by our Crystal socket range, the result is an accessory that combines ease of use, aesthetic enjoyment, and the satisfaction of being in control.
We live in the smartphone generation. And getting your electrical solutions right has never been a higher priority. Switches and sockets are getting more and more use, and it falls on brands like Retrotouch to provide durable, high quality products that can keep up to date with the increased demand. This is where our designers shine.
Our dual USB/plug socket range is a case in point. Perfect for Android users, these clever models combine a USB input with a standard plug socket, meaning you won’t have to fiddle around with adapters. This is great for households, and are a real hit with hotel and guest rooms, in situations where the variation in international socket types can prove frustrating for many holiday makers.
So take a look around at your current set of switches and sockets. Are they the best they can be? Or are they proving an unsightly blight upon an otherwise beautiful home. If the latter, consider checking out Retrotouch’s unique product range at www.retrotouch.co.uk



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