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Average Tripadvisor reviews? Retrotouch can help with that.

Monday, 11 May 2020  |  Amit

Bed and board. It’s not quite enough, is it? 

These days, hotels must provide a whole lot more. This is the Tripadvisor generation, and if a hotel or guest house isn’t oozing wow factor, then hoteliers can expect to be relegated to mid-table obscurity. 

The truth is, many hoteliers don’t have the kind of disposable capital to lavish on seemingly superfluous decoration. In order to achieve stunning results at minimal costs, technology must bridge the gap. Step forward Retrotouch, and step forward an exciting array of gadgets that will transform a venue at an accessible price range.

Key card power switch

For hotel owners they reduce energy bills; for hotel patrons they provide peace of mind. Key card power switches are a fantastic bit of technology that benefit both parties. And they are incredibly simple to use!

By simply doubling up the key card as a power switch, hotels can ensure they are saving money (and the environment) while its guests are out. And for the tech junkies out there, that satisfying ‘thunk’ of the card going into the slot can provide the momentary infusion of joy that every holiday needs.

Retrotouch’s range comes in a variety of different colours, and will look sleek in any hotel room.


Boutique Switches

Most holidaymakers would at some point have experienced the horror of entering a decrepit hotel room with tacky plastic fixtures. If the hotel management isn’t prepared to provide good quality fittings down to the smallest detail, the experience as a whole can be pretty terrible.

For those that have their guest’s best wishes at heart, visually pleasing features such as digital light switches can be a great way of imbuing a sense of magic in their holiday experience.

Our Boutique range feature a gorgeous LED light-up panel that allows its users both manual and remote access to a brightness modulation tool. Our switches also include fantastic features like a memory dimming feature which remembers your last lighting setting, and a gradual fade effect to allow your eyes to calibrate to the light.


Hotel doorbell kit

Hotels are one big melting pot of different wakeup times. You have your morning people, who are up and about slamming doors at 7am, then you have your sleeping beauties. For those in the latter camp, the prospect of cleaners ringing doorbells asking for towels can be pretty daunting. Whether it’s 7 hours, 8 hours, or even 12 hours, even the Taj Mahal can look pretty drab and uninspiring if you haven't fulfilled your full sleep quota.

Retrotouch have come up with a great solution for this, in the form of a hotel doorbell kit. Now, upon a simple button press, your ‘do not disturb’ command has the ability to disable the room’s doorbell. An added bonus is the ‘please wait’ feature, which allows the occupier to signal to hotel staff while answering the door for room service.

These conveniences greatly improve the lives of staff and patrons alike, and are a terrific example of how tech can be used to improve upon the niggling inefficiencies that are present in many hotels.

Holidaymakers like to feel like they are on holiday. They like to put their feet up and let other people do the work. In order to adequately provide this stress free, relaxing experience, Retrotouch has designed these gadgets with its users’ satisfaction in mind.


Check our range now!



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