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5 Reasons Why our Smart Switch is the Must-Have Home Accessory

Wednesday, 17 April 2019  |  Admin


Our designers love to innovate. If it’s new and exciting, you can bet they’ll be rubbing their hands eagerly in anticipation. Not a day goes past when they aren’t dreaming up the latest and greatest home electronics hack.

Their latest production - the iotty WiFi smart switch, is truly something to be proud of. Seeing the latest trend for smart home technology, they’ve managed to reinvent the humble lightswitch. Who would have thought this basic piece of equipment could be given such an incredible makeover?

Not only does our latest gadget carry that wow factor so sought after by homebuilders and renovators, it also provides some fantastic time and energy saving benefits. With our smart switch, your home can be completely in tune with your lifestyle. Here are some key features of our new switch that you will absolutely love.


Wifi network monitoring

This superb feature will ensure you’ll never be in the dark again. Simply activate your Wifi connection, and this device will turn the lights on or off when your smartphone connects or disconnects to a specific network.


Single switch activation

Configure your lighting setup to your turn on/off your lights all at once. With this feature, you’ll no longer need to turn off all your lamps individually. A great time saving hack, and a fantastic way to ensure perfect lighting every time.


Track energy consumption

If you’re sick of high energy bills, we’ve made it easy to ensure your lighting use is tracked and recorded. Use our app to monitor which rooms use more electricity, and adjust accordingly. Your bank account will be healthier, and you won’t dread those electricity bills!


Activity notifications

Once connected via your phone, you’ll receive notifications whenever your switch is in use. Be aware of any unusual activity, and check on the status of your home at any time. This feature is guaranteed to bring peace of mind when away from the house.


Share with family

It isn’t just one person who can control their home lighting at any one time. With our sharing feature, you can grant access to friends and family to use your light switch. Simply get them to download the app, and share away!



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