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2022: The Year Of The Smart Switch

Wednesday, 12 January 2022

2022: the year of the Smart Switch?

As we cruise into a new year, the oracles among us may have already made our predictions. Could 2022 spell the end of the pandemic? Could we have a new prime minister. Will the DFS sale finally come to an end?

At Retrotouch, we’d like to make a prediction of our own. Following on from the release of our EnOcean Smart Switches, we think the new year could prove a big turning point in the way people view the humble light switch. Here’s three reasons why no household should go without a Smart Switch in 2022:

They can be placed anywhere

If your existing installations are inconveniently placed, or out of reach, our switches ensure that you can quickly and easily relocate them without the need for expensive rewiring. So if you’re placing your switch in your conservatory, porch, loft, or anywhere else that might need power, consider our smart switches as the perfect ‘any place’ solution for getting electricity where you need it. In addition, the inclusion of a remote control will allow users to make adjustments from any location, which is a great way to create a disability-friendly domestic environment.



They’re sustainable

The modules in these smart switches use EnOcean's technology which utilizes the kinetic energy from motion as the energy source for a radio signal. Due to the nature of their operation, they are completely wireless, 100% battery-free and maintenance-free. The kinetic technology works by radio diagnostics and enables battery-free applications for EnOcean, Bluetooth and Zigbee. By creating a battery free solution, we’ve found a way to turn a wasteful household component into something that can help secure a more sustainable future.

They look great

Complementing the sophisticated polish of our other switches and sockets, these innovative new models won’t look out of place among your collection, and will shine with a delightfully modern lustre throughout any home. Featuring a premium glass surround with chrome trim, alongside an array of colour choices to suit your decor, there’s no doubt our smart switches possess that wow factor every modern homeowner strives to achieve.



At Retrotouch, we’re proud manufacturers of the latest wireless lightswitch technology, transforming the tired switches of yesteryear into something modern homes just can’t do without.

So if you want to bring your fixtures and fittings into the new era, consider our Smart Switches as a perfect upgrade. Find out more about these switches here: https://www.retrotouch.co.uk/enocean-smart-switches.html




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