Boiler Heating Touch Thermostat switch V2 5A - HV2000L8-M Satin
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Boiler Heating Touch Thermostat switch V2 5A - HV2000L8-M Satin

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HV2000L8-M Electric Thermostat switch SATIN

HV2000L8L8 Room thermostats are applied to electrical heating equipment control and systemic heating electrical valve control to set the room temperature at a constant level. HV2000L8 Intelligent room temperature controller features a unique design and simple operation. 

Luxuriously designed and made of ABS fire resistant, insulating and metal materials with optional colours and finishes, which meet the design requirement of any home, office building and high star hotels.


  •  Programmable central heating thermostat.
  •  Set Six temperature periods in a day, seven days a week..
  •  Large Orange LCD and blue backlight touch key.
  •  Multi-operation-mode.
  •  Energy saving mode (preset temperature)
  •  Holiday/Auto mode 
  •  Start up optimizing control.
  •  All day Frost protection.
  1. On/off control
  2. Back light glass touch-type buttons. 
  3. Blue Luminescent touch-type modern design, easily identified at night. 
  4. Start up optimizing control.
  5. Sensor correction and reset function
  6. Internal memory which permanently stores parameters set by the user during power off.
  7. Temperature adjustable with Frost protection and high temperature protection.
  8. HV2000L8 Intelligent Electronic Thermostats are fitted to BS4662 wall box for installation.


 The above controller can control the following equipment:

  • Electromagnetism valve of water heater
  • Electromagnetism valve of boiler
  • Forced ventilator of gas or oil burners
  • Cycle pump and zone valves in heating system
  • Fan machine of electric heating system or Electrical storage water heater
  • Thermal actuator
  • Heating equipment


  •  Apartment
  •  House
  •  Holiday Home
  •  Office building
  •  Hotel 

SKU:  01171
Type:  Electric Thermostat V2
Colour:  Brushed Aluminium
Size:  86 x 86mm
Amps:  16A
Back Box Depth:  45mm
Remote Included:  Optional Extra

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