AC2000L8-4P Electric AC Thermostat switch v2
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AC2000L8-4P Electric AC Thermostat switch v2

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AC2000L8-4P Electric AC Thermostat switch v2


AC2300 Electric room thermostat is featured with unique design and simple operation. Super-luxurious appearance and backlight liquid crystal touch-type button. With LCD
indicator, it shows indoor temperature, customer's set temperature, wind speed and time. It controls the fan speed of fan coil and electrical cool and heat valve switch for the central air-condition, as to keep the indoor temperature to a constant temperature.

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  •   Programmable AC thermostat.
  •  Temperature range: 16oC - 32oC
  •  Temperature control precision: 1oC
  •  Orange LCD and blue backlight touch key.
  •  Energy saving mode (preset temperature)
  •  Operating voltage: 100~240V 50/60Hz
  •  Power consumption <2W
  1. On/off control
  2. 1 Way 2 Pipe (Fan coil unit which has 1 supply and 1 return pipe)
  3. 2 Way 4 pipe (Fan coil unit which has 2 supply pipes and 2 return pipes)
  4. Back light glass touch-type buttons. LCD display room temperature, time, day, mode and running period convenient to operate clearly in any environment.
  5. Blue Luminescent touch-type modern design, easily identified at night. 
  6. 3 modes: Cooling Mode, Heating Mode, Automatic Mode.
  7. Time setting
  8. Timing Control can pre-set temperature and fan speed at a preset time
  9. Key Lock
  10. Power up scene setting (set temperature, fan speed, on/off)
  11. Adjustable Fan speed (low, Medium, High)
  12. I/R remote controllable
  13. Replace traditional mechanical air conditioning controller and save more than 30% energy
  14. Internal memory which permanently stores parameters set by the user during power off.
  15. Temperature adjustable
  16. AC2000 Intelligent AC Electronic Thermostats are fitted to BS4662 wall box for installation.

 The above controller can control the following equipment:

  • AC Electric room thermostat is ideal for double pipe or four pipe central air-conditioning systems
  •  Apartment
  •  House
  •  Holiday Home
  •  Office building
  •  Hotel 




SKU:  01040
Type:  Electric AC Thermostat
Colour:  Brushed Aluminium
Size:  86 x 86mm
Amps:  5A
Back Box Depth:  46mm
Pipe:  2/4P
Remote Included:  Optional Extra

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